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8 Tips to Take Advantage of The New Google My Business







Google has been developing its small business products over the years. This process has been both confusing and helpful for some small business owners. With the release of Google My Business, much of this confusion will be eliminated. The following tips will help you to understand how you can use Google My Business to boost your business.

1. Upload your business information
To reap well from Google My Business, you first need to have a rich page, which includes a good profile and business photos that will help Google to add its carousel. The carousel is what customers will see on search results. Also make sure to add contact and location information about your business.

2. Create a Google+ community
The new GMB allows you to share right from your dashboard to other Google platforms like Google+, which is a perfect platform for marketing your business. If you do not have a Google+ account, you need to create one and fill information so you can link the profile with your GMB account.

3. Hangout with your customers
You can also use Google hangouts to connect with customers. This could be for purposes of answering their questions or simple taste-off. The hangout can allow you to accommodate as many as 15 customers at a time. You can also stream it to YouTube.

4. Measure your efforts with Google Analytics
You can post on various Google platforms, but how effective this is to your campaign is what matters most. Analyze your efforts with numbers to ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities due to errors in your efforts.

5. Respond to reviews actively
Reviews are bound to happen as long as you have products to sell or services to offer. So, how you respond to the reviews is what will determine whether the negative information posted will remain so or the clients will change their mind. With Google My Business, you can access reviews easily and promoting them is an easy process.

6. Embrace YouTube
Video content is highly engaging and allows customers to relate with what you are offering. It is a better way to explain processes and how to use certain items, so using this method you are likely to attract more customers.

7. Open an AdWords Express account
GMB also offers a button that takes you to an AdWord account and will allow you to create quick campaigns that capture keywords without necessarily thinking too much about the process.

8. Go mobile
Many people access websites through their mobile devices, so as a seller you should also update your website to allow every kind of device to navigate seamlessly. The Google My Business dashboard is mobile friendly and easy to navigate.


Why You Should Start Using Adwords Today









Are you looking to improve cost effectiveness of your media buys? Did you ever wish you could precisely choose your target audience and pay only when your message is seen? If so, you need to start using Google Adwords today. Once you do so, you will quickly realize just why this advertising platform was paramount to Google’s roaring success: because it works brilliantly.

This article will point out the biggest reasons why modern business owners will be at loss for overlooking this advertising platform.

Dip your toes gently

Much unlike a typical advertising agency, Adwords gives you full control and allows you to gently dip your toes in terms of initial investment. Since this is a PPC (pay per click) platform, you are only charged when someone clicks your ads. While setting up your campaigns, you have a very precise control of your maximum budget, maximum cost per click you’re willing to pay, and many other variables. It takes as little as £50 to get started with your first campaigns and the system is simple enough to learn the basics within an hour or two.

Pay as you go

The nature of this platform is such that once you set up your campaign, you can pause it at any time or have your ads show up almost instantly across the vast network of websites availing ad space through Adwords. This means you can pay as you go and move things as quickly or as slowly as you like. You don’t have to compromise either your funds or your time, and you can freely pace yourself while exploring and testing this astoundingly flexible platform.

Access superior analytics

If there’s a feature that never fails to impress new advertisers is the superior suite of data analytics tools availed by Google. Using this data, you can access tremendous insights on your audience and consumer base. You can learn where your clients are coming from geographically, which parts of your website produced more profits, and many other variables that will allow you to keep improving the effectiveness of your ad campaigns over time.

Scale your investment

With the massive traffic available from Google in nearly all verticals, you get very ample room to scale your investments once you’ve struck a profitable campaign. This means you can get started without compromising your budget, and slowly grow your efforts as you better understand your audience and the keywords they use while searching on-line for the products and services you sell.



How SEO can Grow your Business


Any business looking for traction should first consider getting a different marketing approach and automating processes. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a modern and effective way to market a business and products online. This is one of the few methods that a business can use to increase visibility and to impact positively on image building and reputation management. Many people don’t understand what an effective SEO campaign can do, so here are points that explain why SEO is vital for the growth of your business.

Become an authority
Hyper targeting helps you to emerge as an authority, which definitely builds on the reputation of your business. When people on the internet like the kind of content you share, it will be easier to convince them what you are offering is of the right quality since they already have become an attentive audience to your postings. The content not only speaks to the readers, but also helps to build the trust between your business and them.

Customer engagement and building relationships
If you think content is created just for search engines, then you need to think again. The main reason companies churn out pages of content is to first connect with customers to create a good relationship from helpful articles. Great content will build a community of individuals who are interested in similar things, probably the kind of items your business deals in. In the process, you will engage customers to also learn what they would like to be incorporated in different products to make them better.

Long lasting, affordable
Compared to Ad campaigns, SEO is an effort that is long term and will return results over a long period of time. You will not need to spend more every time to connect with potential customers. A single campaign can run for years if properly arranged. For a small business that is aspiring to achieve growth, this is a benefit that will help the business to compete with already established brands that can afford expensive Ad campaigns.

Free traffic and sign ups
Running paid marketing campaigns can be depressing when your budget is limited. The minute your budget gets exhausted, you will not continue enjoying the marketing privileges available on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, SEO is a long term project that will not require you to spend lots of cash for things to work. All you need to concentrate on is content and quality content for that matter.

How Can a Blog Benefit Your Business?

blogging writing social media

Blogging is one of the best, and easiest, ways to get your website noticed. With many e commerce platforms now offering a built-in blog, and with many plugins available, there is no reason not to reap the many benefits that blogging can offer your business.

Writing a blog for your website is fantastic for search engine optimisation (SEO), which has fast become the holy grail of internet marketing. Search engines award priority to sites which provide regularly updated content which is relevant to visitors and has a high engagement rate. A few years ago the search engines’ comparatively primitive algorithms used to respond to techniques such as ‘keyword stuffing’, resulting in reams of poorly written content spread throughout the web. Modern algorithms are far better designed and respond best to genuine, relevant and interesting writing making a high-quality blog essential for a successful site.

As well as being well placed in search listings, your website needs to offer something to keep visitors from clicking away. If you don’t offer anything other than a product and a price then your visitors will have no reason to stay on your website unless you’re literally the cheapest company in the world. A well written blog can offer customers a reason to stay, to come back or even to recommend your site to other people. If you can provide useful information and make your website and make your site a valuable resource, then you can become a go-to authority in your field. This will give you the opportunity to pitch your product or service to a much larger range of potential customers than you otherwise would.

Writing a blog for your business can also help to bring a human face to your digital profile: owners and key members of staff can allow their personalities to shine through and turn a sterile website into a welcoming and unique centrepiece for your brand. Engaging your staff also helps to bring focus to your business. Writing a blog is an excellent opportunity for you and your staff to think about your customers. Who are they? What motivates them? What information do they need to help convert their visit into a sale?

There are many different techniques to experiment with and different ways to appeal to your customers but, since a blog is continually evolving anyway, the most important thing to do is to get it started!