How to Use Pinterest for More Exposure

Up ArrowPinterest is quickly becoming a staple amongst social media marketers as they wrestle their ways through the complex (and often convoluted) world of content marketing. With recent studies depicting the popularity of visual content over plain, conventional copy, opting to use a variety of social media platforms is a great way to increase engagement and drive site traffic.

In this article we discuss the best ways to use the social giant to gain more exposure for your business.

1. Be Smart with Your Pins

Like all aspects of content marketing, it’s important to deliver high quality, original images that will spark a reaction from the audience. Information can be processed quickly when it’s seen as an image or infographic and that’s why Pinterest works so well for retaining interested followers.

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make on Pinterest is I love pin + interestneglecting to redirect the source of a pin back to their own site. Something as simple as editing the URL on the pin will give you the opportunity to grow not only your main homepage but your blog. Don’t forget to edit other aspects of your pin such as the description and if your source if applicable. A pin without a relevant description and a dowsing of keywords is least likely to be repinned and ultimately found by those searching.

2. Building a Following

Social media has become a useful tool for businesses to interact directly with their followers but before you can engage you must build that following. It takes time and dedication to build relationships with people who share your interests. If you’re new to the whole Pinterest thing, why not promote your account via other social media channels or emailing list? Adding a Pin It button to your site will encourage more pins from your site and improve social sharing on your blog. Doing this is critical if you are looking to target people with access to mobile devices as you are unable to hover over an image to pin it on your smartphone.

3. What is the Pinterest Smart Feed?

The Pinterest Smart Feed is an algorithm that’s been developed based on the quality of the pinned image, source (whether blog or website) and relevance. These factors are measured based on the number of Pinterest users who link to that specific source. It is important to say that popular sources and high quality images are also given preferential treatment on Pinterest’s main news feed. A site is considered credible if it generates a lot of pins and will get boosted in the feed.

4. Using Group Boards

Group boards are a brilliant tool for collaboration and bringing people together. Currently there is no single directory for group boards so it is important to search for a group icon to distinguish between them. Collaborating with your employees or co-workers can help to enhance a specific project, it is also ideal for sharing industry tips and training resources. A brilliant feature of the Apps mindPinterest boards is the ability to make it secret (only available for selected people) so it is still possible to keep information under wraps.

Creating group boards can have real benefits for your brand as well as your business. One sneaky feature of these boards is that users select to ‘follow all’ of a contributor’s boards they will automatically be added as a group board follower, dramatically boosting your own follower numbers. This increased exposure will increase your follower growth at a faster rate.

The followers you gain through these boards will aid to your engagement levels. Your content is more likely to be seen and repinned and, in turn, there will be more click-throughs and traffic to your main site with the potential for more subscribers and customers. Your followers may already be commenting and sharing your content with their own followers on Pinterest and by inviting them to pin to your board you will be able to build relationships. These followers also act as brand ambassadors and a promotion for your business.

To Wrap Up…

If you choose to believe it or not, Pinterest is all about content and whether you’re trying to gain more of an online reputation or increase brand awareness, the only way you’re going to achieve this is through curating compelling, relevant content. Taking advantage of the tools available to businesses on Pinterest will ultimately help expand your reach whilst driving traffic to your main website.

Do you use Pinterest to expand your business’ reach? Do you have any tips to gain more exposure? Please leave your comments below…

Catering to Your Perfect Customer with Social Media Marketing

Target Your Customers

Social media is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing right now with most businesses looking to expand and develop their customer base. Using different social media platforms can be a great way of not only gaining exposure but an online reputation amongst current clients.

In this post we discuss the best ways to target and cater specifically to your perfect customer, attracting them and keeping them on board.

1. What are you looking to Achieve?

Like all internet marketing, planning is essential. Before you start working out who you would like to target you need to decide what you would like to achieve by targeting them. Are you looking to build a community? Provide exposure for a new product or service? Drive sales? Or simply provide great customer service? Dependant on what you’re choosing to do you will need to decide which channels work best.

2. The Power of Segmentation

An easy way to start defining your ideal customer is to make a list of the more obvious characteristics they may share – are they homeowners? Do they work full-time? canstockphoto19917693Do you have considerable disposable income? Focus on the product or service you’re providing. Will your target demographic need to fall into a certain income class to afford it?

Asking yourself questions about the product will give you powerful information on your typical customer will help you in the long run as you work on advertising and promotion. For example, is it specifically for men or woman, what are their marital statuses, do they have a family and who makes the purchasing decisions? In some cases, you will need to look at the physical location of your business. Once you have all this segmentation information at your fingertips you can customise the way that you present your business and your product with your social media marketing.

3. Know Where They Spend Their Time

Did you know that LinkedIn will send four times more people to your corporate homepage than Twitter or Facebook? Or that 55% of Pinterest users will engage with brands and retailers? These statistics are readily available online and through simple homemade online surveys. If you’ve had success in the past with an emailing list, incorporate it into your studies.

All social media platforms operate differently and Elderly Laptophave their own ways of resonating with users. With a vast menu of social networks available truly understanding your target audience will help you select the best ones to reach and connect with them. I’m not saying to steer clear from platforms altogether, just customise your content to suit them.

4. Finding Content that will Resonate

Recent studies have shown that mobile device owners are increasingly multi-tasking whilst online; watching videos whilst checking their emails and visiting multiple social sites. People want to be engaged online so keeping a constant stream of relevant, interesting and often entertaining content available is a must.

A great way to start with this is to decide how your message is best conveyed. Will your brand promotion work better through the use of Google+imagery, video, copy, short tips or do you want to drive them to a location where you will convert them there? Sites like Pinterest, Instagram and even Facebook are great for showcasing images of your products or services while still inviting discussion. For tips and news relevant to the industry, LinkedIn and Twitter can be very useful depending on the demographic you are targeting.

Try to keep your content relevant and concise. The general rule for social media marketing is: 80% news and engagement and 20% promotion. You don’t want to be pushy or overbearing with the promotion of your products or services as it will start to come across as spam to users. If you can keep your followers compelled with industry updates, jokes or fun and interesting facts they will keep returning to your profiles.

To Wrap Up…

Like all marketing, it’s all about the research. Looking at your existing customers or the customers that you are likely to attract will help you decide which platforms will work best and the kinds of content that are likely to gain your business exposure and those all important ‘likes’. Don’t be shy to try some different options, you will know from the amount of engagement you receive over a period of time whether it is likely to work as a part of your social media marketing plan.

How do you target your ideal customers? Do you have any tips? Please leave your comments below…

Up Your Game with Content Marketing

contentContent marketing has become an elusive tool for digital marketers as more and more statistics prove its effectiveness. An amazing 60% of customers feel more positive about a brand after reading custom content and those kinds of numbers usually don’t lie! Like most marketing plans it can feel daunting coming up with brand new, original content that will generate new leads and a huge surge in traffic but with an optimised content marketing strategy tailored to your customers, curating content can be one of your most valuable marketing assets.

In this post we discuss the most effective ways to take advantage of content marketing and its benefits to your business.

1. Define Your Audience

Before you start writing up lists of possible blog topics and social media updates it’s vital that you know who your audience is – who will be reading or watching your content? Although it may sometimes seem like a case of filling up blank space on a company blog or website, the real reasons for publishing interesting and compelling content is to attract, and dart targetultimately, retain customers.

If you’re an old hand at marketing and have produced materials – whether for social media or general promotion for your company – you may be in a really good place to start off on your content marketing journey. Take note of your social media followers and the engagement you receive from them to figure out what kind of content attracts them. If you don’t have that kind of information at your disposal, look at your list of clients. Are there similarities between them? Who are you looking to target: small businesses in a specific industry or physical area? Once you have all this data you will be able to decide upon the topics that you choose to use as well as how best to present and promote it.

2. Understand Social Trends

Social media can be a helpful tool for providing marketers with real-time subject ideas. Often known as ‘news jacking’, taking ideas from trending topics is a quick and often effective way of compiling content that people are actively searching for. If you Trending topics hashtagsdecide to use this trick try addressing it from a different side taking a controversial stance or creating videos or infographics to supplement it.

Although content based on current news stories tend to have shorter shelf lives, it can also be the most popular in terms of engagement and sharability. It is important that you don’t just rely on these kinds of stories though as your company blog will start to resemble journalism. It should also be said that there won’t always be stories relevant to your field and the amount of content you produce may be affected by this.

3. Create Your Content

Successful content will bring new insight to users, informing them in a valuable and often entertaining or interesting way. If you content is canstockphoto5157360irrelevant to the needs of your audience they will likely look elsewhere. It needs to be consistent in style with any other content you may be producing and the grammar needs to be correct so that it’s readable.

To add oopf to your content, think about adding images, infographics or videos. People respond more strongly to copy that includes visuals as it not only breaks up the text but adds an extra bit of something.

4. Promote Your Content

What is the point in having created something brilliant if nobody sees it? A common problem amongst the field is the marketing of the content once it has been created. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great places for advertising ベクター、メールwhat you have on offer as your followers and existing clients will be able to access it almost immediately. A benefit of setting up (and using) a Google plus account is that you are able to join ‘communities’ and share your content with people that you know will find it interesting or relevant. Don’t forget to share any visually-based content on sites such as Instagram or Pinterest.

Email marketing campaigns can also be really effective for promoting your content. If people are already invested and engaged in your brand they’ll want to hear what you’ve got to say. Whether you launch a new blog post or post a promotional video, make sure to tell your subscribers about it.

5. Repurpose Content

Sometimes it’ll be more than difficult to come up with blog topic ideas that are as new and original as you’d like them to be. Repurposing content may be a great way of reaching people that you couldn’t the first time the information was published. Simply adapt your content to fit another format. Think about creating an infographics, video, presentation or series of bite-sized guides.

To Wrap Up…

Content marketing is all about retaining the interest of your audience. Don’t get too caught up about the originality of your content as long as it is relevant and interesting and remember to promote it everywhere that it could be visible.

Do you have any tips for making the most of your content marketing? Please leave your comments below…

Top Tips for Youtube Business Marketing

LecteurAs the second biggest search engine in the world, Youtube is a great place to make your business heard. Unlike Google and most other social media platforms, Youtube is easier to rank highly and can add significantly to the promotion of a website or company.

As sharing visual content becomes increasingly popular across all social networks, Youtube is brilliant for making your products and services accessible to everyone. With 20 hours of video uploaded every minute, considering a leap to the video sharing site as part of your digital marketing strategy might just be what your organisation needs to gain opportunities whilst increasing customer loyalty.

1. Create a Fan Base

In the same way that you would entice new Facebook fans or Twitter followers, it is important to promote your business’s Computer gamingchannel on each of your social media outlets as well as website, blog and any mailing list that you might have.

Look at your channel’s page as an outlet for your business as it needs to include your company colours and any logo or graphics that accompany it. It needs to be as recognisable as possible to your viewers and subscribers. Promoting your company via Youtube is easy. With limited character space for full descriptions of your products or services, save your copy for other social media sites and simply insert the link to your main company website instead.

2. Focus on Entertainment, Not Advertising

Youtube is a brilliant platform for showcasing educational videos, tutorials and business advice. Many smaller, less-established businesses focus on advertising their products and services and turn receive very little ROI and canstockphoto3589632a drop in online rankings dues to lack of views. Unless you are presenting your product in a new and entertaining way, no one is going to sit through a three minute demonstration.

In an age of effortless internet accessibility, Youtube usage is extensive. Avoid showcasing your business’ own work and try to provide your audience with some new information. In a friendly – but not too friendly – manner, present real insider knowledge that isn’t readily available on your own website. Try to make these industry-specific as you are looking to target people particularly interested in what your business does. Youtube audiences are very aware of users ‘cloaking’ (a term used to refer to businesses that pose as homemade videos showing something funny or cute whilst weaving in a soft sell). Instead, be transparent with the way that you present yourself and your business’ way of working. Make it clear that you a company – whether big or small – and that you’re worth watching.

3. Get Creative

Being creative is obviously your biggest concern when Bookcreating content for a Youtube video. Viral videos are a big deal in the video sharing world as viewers from all over the world wait for the ‘next big thing’ in terms of a funny, artistic or illuminating video to show to their friends and family.

Focus on your main demographics – your customers. Fun and informative content is more likely to be shared in comparison to traditional advertising unless it is something special. Ensuring that your content is entertaining will increase the chance of your viewers interacting with you via comments and likes as well as sharing your videos – a valuable part of gaining new customers whilst keeping your existing ones happy.

4. Get Optimised

Although it may be difficult to come up with a viral video idea straight away, researching the keywords that will draw people to your channel and its content will give you an idea of what your subscribers are searching for. Keywords keyboard keyFor the best results, search for your main competitors’ videos and, taking the URL they’re using, search for backlinks using Google Analytics’ free tool. This will indicate the types of people who found their videos and where the interest came from. This information will be essential for use when deciding on video promotion.

Like all SEO-related tasks, make sure that your video is fully optimised to make the most of your online presence. To be discovered amongst a sea of billions you will need to ensure that your title and any descriptions are using industry relevant terms as well as the word ‘video’. Use the Youtube tag tool as well to create focussed, search-friendly tags for your content.

To Wrap Up…

Expanding your business’ social media and general online presence with Youtube business marketing is a great way to improve your reputation. Uploading interesting videos and tutorials that teach potential customers something new and related to the industry will help drive users to your site and can add greatly to your conversion rate if carried out correctly.

Do you have any tips for using Youtube to market your business? Please leave your comments below…