Top Tips for Using Your Social Media Testimonials

canstockphoto21745782Your testimonials page is one of the most powerful and influential pages on your website. This is the part where people say how great your product or service is. But the question is, how can you use your social media testimonials effectively? Let’s look at some of the best ways to collect reviews and encourage more positive feedback from your followers.

Use LinkedIn Recommendations

Shout loudspeakerThis social media site is a great source of reviews and recommendations. If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or you own a company with many employees, then you should be using LinkedIn to collect recommendations from the customers you work with. With their permission, you can post their recommendations on your website at the testimonials page or create a dedicated page that features customer reviews.

YouTube Video Reviews

YouTube is another excellent social media platform that allows companies to post a video of their customers talking about their services or products. You should encourage your followers to add their videos about your brand along with a link that connects to your website. It’s also possible to store multiple video reviews of your fans on your YouTube channel. This is a great way of letting people exchange their thoughts about your service or product.

Make the Most of Your Facebook Commentsthumb up, i like it

If you have a Facebook account, then you may already be monitoring your fans’ posts and comments. Whenever you receive a positive comment, post it to your business site by embedding it. A credible testimonial can also be linked back to the person who wrote the review. All you need to do is encourage your followers to share their thoughts about your company’s service or product by commenting about it directly on your Facebook page.

Embed your Tweets

Twitter is another great social media site that most companies use. Although not everyone will mention a product or service on Twitter, you still have the option of using the embed tweet to find a positive review. Once one of your fans mentions something about your company, you can embed the tweet on your website. Embedded tweets are highly credible as they can easily be traced to a real person. You may also ask your customer to include your company’s custom hashtag in order to add even more value to your product or service.

canstockphoto26649184Reward Customers Who Leave Positive Reviews

When you consider all of the above options, why not go a little further and offer prizes to your followers. Every time someone leaves a review about your product or service you can enter their name in a cash prize draw or share coupons and discounts on their websites. This strategy works for online testimonials as well as the ones you receive over the phone or through videos. By offering customers incentives, you’ll increase your reviews and gain more visibility on the Web. Remember that the better your offer, the more testimonials you’re likely to receive.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Remarketing your Business

Business card

Remarketing vis-à-vis its current online-marketing definition is the process where a user leaves your website and then sees adverts for your website and your product on other people’s websites via their affiliate advertising. For example, you visit a website selling hair clippers, you leave that site to read a website on rabbit illnesses, and on the website’s affiliate adverts you see ads for hair clippers.

Gently Remind The Consumer That They Want Your Product

Some do not understand why affiliate advertising should show products that a user has already seen. For example, if a user looks at the DVD for Family Guy Season 13 and decides not to buy, why bother advertising it on affiliate adverts on other websites?

The reason is that that person may not have reached a solid “no.” That user may have forgotten they were looking for that DVD, or may have come away because they were worried about money, or a whole host of other reasons. Reminding your user about the product may help remind and/or convince that person to buy.

Show Your Consumer Your AlternativesShopping Bags

If you are trying remarketing, then show alternatives too. If the user was looking for  the DVD box set for Family Guy Season 13, show them that on affiliate advertising, but also show them American Dad (same creator), and other commonly associated TV DVD sets such as Futurama, South Park and the Simpsons. You could even show the user variations of the DVD box sets such as Family Guy Season 12 or 11.

Remove Converted Customers

Going back to the hair clippers example, if a user has now bought hair clippers from you, even if they were not the hair clippers that you were pushing via affiliate adverts, you must take that person off your remarketing campaign. That person is not going to buy the hair clippers you are pushing because he or she already has some. Seeing more adverts for hair clippers will not convert the user, and it may even make him or her regret his or her purchase from you.

Set A Time Limit For Each Campaignclock2

If a user clicked on your fridges on your website, or put a fridge in your cart and then abandoned it, then your remarketing campaign will put that fridge on affiliate adverts on other websites. However, do it for too long and it will annoy your consumer.

If that same consumer is seeing that same fridge on your website for months after looking, then the consumer will become annoyed and may even resent your brand for it. Set a time limit, and admit to yourself that you cannot reclaim every customer that abandons something at the checkout.

Run Smaller And Heavily Monitored Trials Before A Big Investment

These small trials may help you understand why your consumers are coming back. Sometimes your remarketing campaigns are a complete failure, but may appear to be responsible for your recaptured sales. For example, many consumers may look at your website and leave because you are too expensive.

They may then find that you are the only supplier or that your competitors are more expensive and naturally come back to you. The fact they clicked your affiliate advert didn’t really make the sale, nor did the fact that your affiliate advert was there. If anything, your affiliate advert was convenient at best. Small trials help you see where your remarketing is working and where it is taking credit for other market factors or elements of your marketing.

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How to Increase Your Visibility on Pinterest

canstockphoto14766616There are many reasons why you’d want to increase your visibility on Pinterest, and like every market, the most effective methods of getting seen by more people are constantly changing. Here are a few pointers which should lead you to a much more visible presence on Pinterest.

1. Name Your Price

One main point to remember is to include price tags in any pins you originally post or repin. Despite what some people think, a lot of users who browse Pinterest are looking to buy certain things, and not just to gain some creative inspiration. Recent studies into social networking have also found that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Linkedin, and Google+ combined, and that pins with prices get up to 36% more likes than those lacking one. These figures are quite enlightening, but make sure you’re not using Pinterest for the sole purpose of flogging your product. Take a benevolent approach to all of your communities, and try to find a good balance of both inspiration and product information.

2.Pin it for Later

Another important tip is to use “Pin it for later” links often. This can be utilized to bookmark any of your blog posts on Google+, and therefore increase your Pinterest visibility. Simply publish a post, then pin one of the accompanying images to a board. After this, use the same image for an update on your Google+ page. Include a link to the blog post for anyone who has the time to read it, as well as a “pin it for later” link back to the pin in your Google+ update. This will provide a quick, easy way for your potential audience to bookmark your pins for later reading, rather than skimming through and forgetting it.

3. Tell Everyone About It!

Increasing your online visibility through any platform often revolves around the amount of links you can distribute anywhere and everywhere. Bearing this in mind, you can draw in considerably more customers by including your best recent Pinterest pins in your weekly newsletter or scheduled email. Simply attach a screenshot of a few pins, and make the image a link to the pin. This will create one more access point, through which potential followers can browse your Pinboards.

4. Join Some Groups

Another great method for improving Pinterest traffic visibility is to find popular group boards. It may be worth visiting PinGroupie, a free tool used for finding group boards. PinGroupie’s interface allows you to choose from all the categories on Pinterest during a search, and sort your results according to pins and repins, collaborators, followers and likes. Repins is more often than not the best category to sort by, as a group board with a higher repin rate is more likely to be far more engaging to your target audience. PinGroupie also makes it easy for you to track down a specific board by searching its name. Once you’ve entered all the necessary details, simply click the “filter” button, and in seconds a list of group boards with relevance to your search will appear below.

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Top Tips for Successful Paid Search Advertising

canstockphoto27837912Paid search advertising can be an effective web marketing strategy. The main challenge is to use it correctly and appropriately. Having adequate knowledge of AdWords campaigns lets you use Google’s tools effectively. If you’re new to the world of online advertising, read this article for top tips and ideas on successful paid search advertising.

Select Keywords Carefully

You can use various tools to help you find specific phrases or keywords. Google’s Keyword Tool is a user-friendly and free tool that’s available in AdWords. To use it correctly, you can type the phrase and get lots of variations. This will give you an idea of the number of searches people have done based on those keywords.

Monitor Keywords on a Regular Basis

Believe it or not, it’s really easy to get tons of clicks from keywords that have no relevance to your product or service. This is perhaps the simplest way to make some cash in paid search. But if you can set multiple phrase matches in search engines, you’ll know exactly when to trigger your ad. This strategy allows you to tell the search engine not to show negative keywords. Google is one of those search engines that provides a reporting tool to marketers in order to allow them to see which keywords people use the most. Keywords or phrases that add no value to your business count as negatives. You may also increase your keyword efficiency by adding more relevant phrases and choosing high performing keywords for your ads.

Back it Up

Whether your promotions are online or offline, people still need to see your ads whenever they’re searching for that product or service. It is therefore important to be as creative as possible with the product you’re selling. For example, if you type your latest advertising slogan into a search engine, it needs to be visible to other PPC companies, otherwise you’re missing out. Make sure your ads appear on top of the search engine pages whenever someone enters the keywords or searches for your company online.

Use Google AdWords

This advertising platform allows you to display your adverts across its partner networks. Even though content marketing isn’t always great for B2B markets, it relies heavily on Google in order to bring the ads back to the relevant pages. This can only be done with Google’s understanding of contextual content that your pages contain. To make your adverts more effective, you can select the websites that you want your ads to appear on. You may do this by creating a placement targeted campaign, or reach out to a more focused and relevant audience through search engine optimisation. SEO is an alternative method of reaching out to your target audience and produce better quality traffic. If you combine all these strategies, you’ll soon reap into the rewards of successful paid search marketing.