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A Cardiff Based SEO and Internet Marketing Company

Pinnacle are an SEO Agency based in Cardiff, South Wales. As a team of skilled and experienced creative and technical individuals, we deliver everything your website and brand needs to be seen and heard online. Whether you require increased visibility and traffic from Google and other major search engines, prompt customer engagement through online marketing, or a website redesign or refresh, we can help you #ReachYourPinnacle.

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  • Who We Are

    With offices in Cardiff, Manchester and Bristol, Pinnacle Internet Marketing are a complete internet marketing and SEO Company in Cardiff, offering a variety of services across the UK perfect for improving your customer engagement levels.

    Based on your personal requirements our specialist team will work with you to ensure the optimum results from your online marketing strategy. Our focus is to generate relevant, quality traffic to your website and optimise your visibility online.

    No matter the size of your business we will deliver highly effective marketing solutions unique to you and your brand. With advanced technical experience and industry leading knowledge we concentrate on achieving results enabling your business to grow and develop.

    Why Our Services Can Benefit Your Business

    • Great Content

    • Responsive Website Designs

    • Boosted Search Rankings

    • Increase Traffic

    • Enhanced Brand Awareness

    • Increased Sales & Revenue

    How Our Services Work

    We market across multiple platforms and media to gain as much exposure for our clients as possible. We deliver websites that perform well across desktop, tablet and mobile devices to provide a good online experience for your customers whatever device they may be using. We also provide marketing services that utilise paid search, as well as SEO Cardiff, UK and beyond through quality link building, relevant and keyword rich on-site content, and we target other popular online platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. We also offer online marketing tools to let you analyse your website's performance, raise a ticket and create email marketing campaigns using our bespoke email templates. This means you have the potential to be seen by your customer base whatever they are doing whilst online.

    What Is SEO?

    SEO refers to any work undertaken with the direct goal of improving rankings in online search engines such as Bing, YouTube, Google. If you Google a popular keyphrase, chances are you’ll see 2 sets of search terms. You’ll see some terms that say ‘ad’ next to them – These are Google AdWords search listings where Google has been paid to feature the client. The listings that don’t show ‘ad’ next to them are organic listings which Google ranks in terms of authority and relevance to the search. SEO is about improving the authority and relevance of your web pages to improve organic search listings.

    First, you need to find your keyphrase – This is the phrase your SEO will optimise for, and is chosen based on search volume, chance for conversion, and relevance to your webpage. From here, SEO can be split into two basic work areas – Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO:

    • Onsite SEO involves optimising the website itself by making the pages relevant to your search terms. This is done by:
    • Including your keyphrase where it counts, in your search titles, headings, images, anchor text and so on
    • Including large amounts of copy that is engaging, relevant, unique, and customer focused
    • Making your website fast and secure to improve user experience
    • Giving your website a thorough internal link structure that makes it easy for both users and search engines to navigate to all of your web pages. Creating a website that is relevant to your visitors – Google will penalise you for keyword stuffing, or optimising for a keyphrase that isn’t relevant to your webpage. The most important part of onsite optimisation is that the webpage is useful to visitors searching keyphrase. Offsite SEO involves building the website’s authority with a strong, natural backlink profile. A backlink is a link from another website back to yours.

    Building a natural backlink profile is a complex process that involves finding relevant, high authority websites and getting them to put natural looking links back to your website. This is often done by supplying external websites with blog posts, full of expert knowledge and advice, and including a link to the relevant page on your website. When it’s published, you have a backlink.

    As with keyword stuffing, creating an unnatural backlink profile with large amounts of low authority, irrelevant websites can get you penalised by Google.

    Whether you choose to undertake this work yourself, or you decide to use an SEO Agency, it is important to consider both onsite and offsite SEO.

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