5 Ways to Improve Your Content Shareability

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Content MarketingSEOTips / 9 October 2015


Whether you’re writing a weekly blog or sending out daily social media posts ensuring that your content is sharable is essential. There are many advantages of upping your content game including increasing website traffic and engagement across each of your different platforms.

1. Be Visual

Many people scuttling around on the internet become excited at the prospect of an interesting and funny image. With the rise of viral content such as memes, visually enticing videos or images will grab potential clients’ attention, and fast.

If you’re looking for a truly unique way of making your content sharable, why not try creating your own original (maybe even hilarious) visuals? The sheer ubiquity of programmes such as Photoshop make it a lot easier nowadays to produce something new and exciting, so put those stock images down, and step away from the clip art.

2. Decide on a Good Title

If you’ve used the internet in the past few years you’ll know about the huge influx of list and how-to format posts making their way around people’s newsfeeds. Websites like Buzzfeed and Mental Floss receive high levels of traffic by hooking readers with a funny and engaging headline. Posts containing numbers (’10 Things You’ll only Understand if You Were Born in the 1990s’) or open-ended questions (‘Could this be the Best Way to Gain Followers on Social Media?’) are the most attractive headlines as they tempt you to click on the link and find out the answers.

3. Optimise your Posts

A great way of improving your content’s shareability is to make it more visible on Google. Adding a basic all-in-one SEO plugin to your website will ensure that your blog posts are fully optimised and therefore easier to find in your readers’ searches.

4. Shout About it on Social Media

Why spend time expertly crafting a blog post or article if no one’s going to see it? Your products and services are not the only part of your business that needs promotion. Take advantage of your social media channels and advertise any new content to your followers. Hashtagging relevant words in your posts will open up the opportunities for others interested in that topic to find it.

5. Keep it Fun!

Nobody wants to spend their free time reading boring content. Learn to put your own unique spin on opinion pieces and guides so that it stands out from every other article posted online. Be creative and personalise it to your readership. If you enjoy reading it then your readers probably will too!

How do you keep your content exciting? Please leave your comments below…

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