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5 Ways to Improve Your Reach on Facebook

Your Facebook page is worth nothing without your fans. No matter how excellent your content, if it isn’t viewed and engaged with then it’s wasted effort and will simply sit there doing absolutely zero, zilch, nothing for your business.

With Facebook constantly changing its algorithms and bumping-up the difficulty of getting your posts in feeds, getting exposure in front of your fans is becoming ever-more challenging. Yet, don’t fear as all is not lost. Keep these 5 nifty tips and tricks in mind to improve your posts and get your brand in front of more of your fans.


improve your reach on facebook

1. Time is Key

It’s important to remember that your fans aren’t using Facebook all day, every day but you needn’t guess when they are. Facebook has introduced a new feature to their Insights platform that shows when your fans are online per hour or per specific days of the week. This is especially useful to plan your posts if you aren’t posting more than once or twice a day.

2. Post Frequently

While previous best practise was to limit the amount of posts to avoid over-intrusion in the feeds of your fans, with Facebook’s latest changes, those who post the most will get seen the most. This isn’t to say that you should be sending out a post every second as quality still prevails over quantity. Simply maintain a high frequency of relevant content and of course, when you post will depend upon when your audience is online.

3. Take Advantage of Story Bumping

One of Facebook’s recent algorithm changes saw the introduction of ‘Story Bumping’. This gives old posts prominence in news feeds when they are engaged with for a second time. You can take advantage of this by linking to an old post or by re-starting a conversation in the comments of an old post. Choose content that previously received a fair amount of engagement to improve your chances of it resurfacing and share the post across your other social networks to drive more engagement.

4. Inherit Reach

If one of your posts gets a lot of interaction then your next one is likely to get a lot of reach. Keep this in mind to consider what content you share next. If you know that you have the chance for widespread exposure then why not post something with the aim of generating as much interaction as possible?

5. Build a Relevant Audience

Efforts to improve your reach are all in vain unless you have a relevant fan base to target. Your audience needs to be real and built organically, through quality content and a wide reach. You should also always make use of Graph Search to learn about what your fans like.

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One thought on “5 Ways to Improve Your Reach on Facebook

  1. Nick Lewis

    This is another great article from Pinnacle; thanks for sharing.

    The only aspect I would take issue with is whether posting frequently actually increases your reach as such. True, the more you post, the more likely different followers of your Facebook page may see the post, but I don’t think it increases the reach as such for each individual post. I could be wrong, but that’s what my experience and reading of the subject has borne out so far.


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