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Google / 20 August 2016







Google has been developing its small business products over the years. This process has been both confusing and helpful for some small business owners. With the release of Google My Business, much of this confusion will be eliminated. The following tips will help you to understand how you can use Google My Business to boost your business.

1. Upload your business information
To reap well from Google My Business, you first need to have a rich page, which includes a good profile and business photos that will help Google to add its carousel. The carousel is what customers will see on search results. Also make sure to add contact and location information about your business.

2. Create a Google+ community
The new GMB allows you to share right from your dashboard to other Google platforms like Google+, which is a perfect platform for marketing your business. If you do not have a Google+ account, you need to create one and fill information so you can link the profile with your GMB account.

3. Hangout with your customers
You can also use Google hangouts to connect with customers. This could be for purposes of answering their questions or simple taste-off. The hangout can allow you to accommodate as many as 15 customers at a time. You can also stream it to YouTube.

4. Measure your efforts with Google Analytics
You can post on various Google platforms, but how effective this is to your campaign is what matters most. Analyze your efforts with numbers to ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities due to errors in your efforts.

5. Respond to reviews actively
Reviews are bound to happen as long as you have products to sell or services to offer. So, how you respond to the reviews is what will determine whether the negative information posted will remain so or the clients will change their mind. With Google My Business, you can access reviews easily and promoting them is an easy process.

6. Embrace YouTube
Video content is highly engaging and allows customers to relate with what you are offering. It is a better way to explain processes and how to use certain items, so using this method you are likely to attract more customers.

7. Open an AdWords Express account
GMB also offers a button that takes you to an AdWord account and will allow you to create quick campaigns that capture keywords without necessarily thinking too much about the process.

8. Go mobile
Many people access websites through their mobile devices, so as a seller you should also update your website to allow every kind of device to navigate seamlessly. The Google My Business dashboard is mobile friendly and easy to navigate.


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