A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

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AdvertisingSocial MediaTips / 28 September 2015

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Facebook has well over a billion users, which makes it one of the most obvious places to place an online ad. There are also several different options when it comes to choosing a Facebook ad, which can then be tailored to suit the type of audience you are trying to reach. The ad options include Marketplace Ads, Page Post Ads, Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts.

Marketplace Ads

Marketplace Ads are typically the type of ad many small companies advertising on Facebook for the first time will choose. A Marketplace Ad is displayed on the right hand sidebar of a Facebook user’s newsfeed. Advertisers can decide where ad clicks lead to, which can range from a company page on Facebook or to an official website. Marketplace Ads can be targeted at Facebook users who live in a particular area, or at users that have interests that are relevant to what you are advertising. There are 25 characters to play with when creating a headline for your ad, and 90 characters for the description.

Page Post Ads

Page Post Ads appear in the same place as posts from your friends, and as well links and photos, videos can be included. Because Page Post Ads appear in such a prominent position, and they offer advertisers more variety in terms of content than Marketplace Ads, they tend to be more effective than any other type of advertising on Facebook.

Sponsored Stories And Promoted Posts

When a Facebook user has taken an interest in a page recently, this info is utilised for a Sponsored Stories ad. Consequently, when a Sponsored Stories ad is displayed it will show up on the newsfeed of friends of the person who has engaged with the company’s page. The number of friends who have liked the page, for instance, will also show up on the ad. Sponsored Stories advertising can bring good results, because friends are more inclined to trust a company their friends do.

A flat rate is involved when paying for Promoted Posts. Only your fans and their friends will see Promoted Posts, and they look similar to Sponsored Stories ads. There’s also the option to boost a post, either to your fans and their friends, or to boost it to a targeted audience. The latter is the better option for a boosted post, as Promoted Posts do a similar job anyway regarding existing fans and their friends.

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