A Beginner’s Guide to Remarketing your Business

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Remarketing vis-à-vis its current online-marketing definition is the process where a user leaves your website and then sees adverts for your website and your product on other people’s websites via their affiliate advertising. For example, you visit a website selling hair clippers, you leave that site to read a website on rabbit illnesses, and on the website’s affiliate adverts you see ads for hair clippers.

Gently Remind The Consumer That They Want Your Product

Some do not understand why affiliate advertising should show products that a user has already seen. For example, if a user looks at the DVD for Family Guy Season 13 and decides not to buy, why bother advertising it on affiliate adverts on other websites?

The reason is that that person may not have reached a solid “no.” That user may have forgotten they were looking for that DVD, or may have come away because they were worried about money, or a whole host of other reasons. Reminding your user about the product may help remind and/or convince that person to buy.

Show Your Consumer Your AlternativesShopping Bags

If you are trying remarketing, then show alternatives too. If the user was looking for  the DVD box set for Family Guy Season 13, show them that on affiliate advertising, but also show them American Dad (same creator), and other commonly associated TV DVD sets such as Futurama, South Park and the Simpsons. You could even show the user variations of the DVD box sets such as Family Guy Season 12 or 11.

Remove Converted Customers

Going back to the hair clippers example, if a user has now bought hair clippers from you, even if they were not the hair clippers that you were pushing via affiliate adverts, you must take that person off your remarketing campaign. That person is not going to buy the hair clippers you are pushing because he or she already has some. Seeing more adverts for hair clippers will not convert the user, and it may even make him or her regret his or her purchase from you.

Set A Time Limit For Each Campaignclock2

If a user clicked on your fridges on your website, or put a fridge in your cart and then abandoned it, then your remarketing campaign will put that fridge on affiliate adverts on other websites. However, do it for too long and it will annoy your consumer.

If that same consumer is seeing that same fridge on your website for months after looking, then the consumer will become annoyed and may even resent your brand for it. Set a time limit, and admit to yourself that you cannot reclaim every customer that abandons something at the checkout.

Run Smaller And Heavily Monitored Trials Before A Big Investment

These small trials may help you understand why your consumers are coming back. Sometimes your remarketing campaigns are a complete failure, but may appear to be responsible for your recaptured sales. For example, many consumers may look at your website and leave because you are too expensive.

They may then find that you are the only supplier or that your competitors are more expensive and naturally come back to you. The fact they clicked your affiliate advert didn’t really make the sale, nor did the fact that your affiliate advert was there. If anything, your affiliate advert was convenient at best. Small trials help you see where your remarketing is working and where it is taking credit for other market factors or elements of your marketing.

Do you have any tips for a successful remarketing strategy? Please leave your comments below…

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