Be Patient when it comes to SEO

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SEO / 15 March 2012

SEO, as in life, is not about quantity – it’s about quality. There are many things in life you can buy in bulk but you choose to buy the small quality item because you know you can trust it. Likewise with SEO a single quality link can be worth more than 150 non-quality links. One most beware of companies that develop hundreds of useless links every month.
As with every business, whether it’s a restaurant or a pub you always need to be on top. Likewise with SEO you want to reach the No.1 position in the search engines (particularly Google in the UK) for your type of business. However, getting to the number 1 position doesn’t mean you stop. Does a restaurateur cease cooking fine food or serving the best wines in the hospitality sector because he has achieved 5 stars? Of course not as he has to maintain his quality! The same goes for SEO as once you get number 1 you must maintain this position so other companies do not rise above you.
Finally, one of life’s most important quotes is slow and steady wins the race. Remember when performing SEO, it is a gradual and steady process. There is no point in spending thousands of pounds on hundreds of links and then getting penalised by Google. You must give Google the impression that this is done naturally.
Thanks for reading our article and remember:
•   It’s not all about mass link development
•    Maintenance is ongoing
•    Slow and steady wins the race
•    Make it look natural!

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