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Websites / 28 June 2016

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WordPress started out in 2003 as a popular blogging tool, but many people are now using it as a platform for their website. Gone are the days when building a website was an expensive and complicated process, only possible for experienced computer programmers to achieve. More and more people are now saving money and building their own personal and professional websites. Here are the 6 main benefits of choosing WordPress.

1. It’s User Friendly

If you have never done it before, you might feel slightly intimidated at the thought of building a website from scratch. WordPress is ideal for both experienced web builders and those of you with little or no previous experience of web design. Start with a choice of their professionally designed themes and quickly and easily add your own text and images to make your website unique to you.

2. It’s Ideal for Large and Small Businesses

Your website can be as large or small as you want it to be. It can have anything from just a few blog posts to hundreds of thousands of web pages without performance being affected.

3. It’s Convenient to Use, Wherever You Are

WordPress is browser based, so you and your staff members can login and manage your site from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. There are even free Apps available for IOS and Android mobile devices.

4. It’s Search Engine Friendly

WordPress makes it easy for potential customers to find you through various Search Engines. Every post and image on your site can have its own meta tag keywords, description and title. You can improve your SEO further by using tags.

5. It’s Customisable

Customise your WordPress website with handy features such as galleries, graphs, share buttons and SEO optimisers. There are many more plugins available that are either very reasonably priced or free to use.

6. It’s Interactive

WordPress has the advantage of built-in blogging facilities that can be easily integrated into your website. It is also simple to set up email subscriptions to your blog, keeping your customers up to date with any company news or products. In return, your readers and customers can give feedback on web content or products and services that you provide. This all makes your website so much more interesting and interactive for your users and useful for you.

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