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Are Hashtags the Answer to Your Social Media Marketing?

With so much content being uploaded onto social media sites every hour, businesses need to be able to stand out from the crowd. Making your brand visible is only a small part of keeping your audience engaged in the content you are providing but it is crucial.

Bird holding a hashtag

From Twitter and Instagram to Google+ and Pinterest, the humble hashtag has provided businesses with insights into what their target audience is interested in and what they are talking about. In this article, we consider 3 ways that ‘hashtagging’ content can improve your social media marketing strategy and increase engagement.

1. Optimise Your Posts:

With most people using social media on a daily basis, it is important that your content is interesting enough to be shared and promoted online.

To begin with you will need to decide how you’re going to use the hashtag. Will it be to promote a new service or product? Are you advertising an event? These kinds of ventures usually greatly benefit from the addition of a custom hashtag as it narrows down the audience of your posts. I know this sounds like the complete opposite of what you should be doing but instead of advertising your company

Stay Current with Content Marketing

content marketingWith so much content being churned out every day, content marketers have quite a task to keep things current. Even if you think up an idea without the help of Google or any other research, the chances are that it’s been covered before by someone, in some way. And so thinking outside of the box can be pretty difficult when the space is already crowded.

But there are ways to stay ahead of the pack and stand out from the competition. And fundamental to staying current is looking to the future. In this article we consider 5 actions you can take to keep up and stay relevant to the now with your content marketing.

1.      Optimise for Mobile

As mobile use is only on the increase, optimising online content for mobile viewing is crucial.  In fact, according to Compendium, more than 22% of blog visits are from a tablet or mobile and yet, mobile website visitors have an almost 10% higher bounce rate than those who visit on desktop. What these two stats suggest is that there is a gap between mobile viewing demand and mobile viewing satisfaction.

Therefore, if your content marketing strategy is only built for desktop …

Make a Visual Impact with Content

Fantastic content is the best way to interest and engage your audience online. But are your efforts hitting the mark? Plain text alone is empty and easily overlooked but with visual content you can really boost your results across your website, blog and social media platforms. In this post, we look at 4 types of visual content you can incorporate into your campaigns.

make a visual impact with content

1.       Infographics

Over the past few years, infographics have taken the internet by storm and they still continue to do so. The number of infographics online increases by 1% everyday. This means your competitors are probably sharing them by the shed load, but are you?

These nifty boxes comprised of images and text, all within wonderful designs are eye-catching and shareable. They bring boring text and data to life, encouraging audiences to read information. You can use them for anything from sharing interesting facts to introducing your team members and collating impressive statistics about your business.

2.       Graphic Designs

With so much content being re-hashed and churned over across the web, a great way to stand out from your competitors is by making new. Rather than using images that already exist online, why not make your own?…

5 Tips for a More Readable Website

As the internet has told us multiple times, ‘content is king’. And yet, a website loaded with quality content and great search rankings still won’t do much good unless people stay around long enough to read it.

After all, the whole point of great content is to convert traffic into leads and sales for your business.

For the majority of website visitors, it only takes a few seconds to decide whether they’re going to stick around or make their exit – so first impressions really do count. Your website needs to look brilliant, be easy to navigate and easy to read.

tips for a more readable website

Here are 5 tips to help you enhance the readability of your website:

1.      Evergreen Content

Produce content that is relevant now and will still be relevant in the future. By doing so, you can ensure your website will still perform well in years to come by continuing to interest your target audience.

It’s also a good idea to refresh your content every so often with new facts or information. If a visitor lands on content that is outdated or irrelevant then it’s pretty likely they’ll go elsewhere.

2.      Formatting

The formatting of your content is just as important …