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How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Even if your email marketing list is full to bursting point, it’s destined to lose numbers and value. This is down to a combination of factors which may include your contacts opting out of your communications, their email addresses changing or your contacts abandoning the address they used to sign up.

Essentially, your email list is never stable, so it’s very important that you constantly add fresh contacts. Help keep your numbers up and compensate for those that you lose with these tips to grow your email marketing list.

grow your email marketing list

How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

1.       Offer Value

Just as you should with every call to action you use anywhere in your marketing, you should offer something of value in return for an email address. Depending on your business this could be anything from a discount to exclusive deals, tips, advice, advance access or an eBook. Make sure the benefit is made very clear and ensure that it’s immediate.

Some common examples of valuable offerings include:

  • ‘Sign up for our weekly emails to get all of our latest articles delivered directly into your inbox and qualify for a free trial of our marketing software.’
  • ‘Join our mailing list to

5 Fundamentals of Email Marketing

Despite the surge in SEO and social media, one of the oldest tricks in the book – email marketing – is still alive and kicking. In fact, statistics gathered by Sign-up. To show that marketing emails sent by SMEs in 2013 received an average open-rate of 22.87%. When you compare this percentage to the increasingly low chances of your updates showing in Facebook’s news feed and the difficulty of getting and keeping your website on Google’s first page, email marketing shines through as a reliable shot.

5 fundamentals of email marketing

Yet, achieving a great open rate and ROI isn’t as easy as bombarding the inboxes of your contact lists with self-promotional messages and calls to action. For success, you must pay close attention to your audience, refine your message and proof, proof, proof your campaigns. Successful email marketing takes time, monitoring and reflection. Here are just some of the fundamentals:

1.       Treat your campaigns as an ongoing dialogue

Blasting your contact list with emails that tell them to check out your site, complete a survey or view your latest offers aren’t always the best way to drive a reaction. To get in the good books of your recipients and encourage them to engage, …

Google Links Google+ Contacts to Gmail

In another move to integrate the Google+ network with its other services, Google has made the email addresses of all Google+ users available to Gmail users. This means that Google+ users need only type the name of their recipient to have access to their email and be able to send them a direct message through the Gmail platform.

This integration essentially offers a broader list of contacts to Gmail users and also removes the need to exchange email addresses with others on the network. Google will now suggest Google+ connections as recipients when an email is links google+ contacts to gmail

Although this change will automatically come into effect for all on the network, Google+ users can opt out of sharing their email with anybody who has them in circles. Instead, users can choose to share their email only with people they have in circles or with no one at all.

Many privacy advocates have regarded the move as a threat, claiming that Google should have introduced the feature as an ‘opt-in’ rather than an ‘opt-out’ and that it will lead to messages from strangers and spam. Yet, on the other hand, the integration does enable users to reach their contacts more easily and …