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Mobile Web Design – Getting it Right

As mobile usage has soared, mobile web design has now become an essential part of the website development for many businesses. There are key areas to focus on when optimising the design of a mobile website.

An awareness of the specifications of popular mobile devices can help when determining the most appropriate screen resolution. Mobile web pages should also be broken down into smaller portions and text placed in a single column which can be scrolled down and read easily. As there’s less content required on a mobile website, the quality of the content can be enhanced.

A simple design will aid usability when it comes to navigation and text links should be utilised to reduce the drain on resources. Short URLs, radio buttons and lists are effective as this will reduce the need for the mobile user to type in a lot of information. Pop ups should also be avoided as they are likely to be unsupported on mobile browsers and can also be unpredictable.…

Shoppers who use mobile in-store spend more

A Google infographic has revealed that shoppers who use their mobile phone in stores tend to spend more money than those who don’t.

The infographic shows that 79% of smartphone owners are also smartphone shoppers, and that 84% use their phone as an aid to their in-store shopping. A massive 82% also use search engines as their main resource when shopping in stores.

The figures, when broken down into categories, saw appliances have the highest percentage – an incredible 97% – and apparel the lowest – 80%. Grocery, at 89%, was the second highest figure, baby care and electronics were the joint third highest, at 87%, followed by household care on 86% and health and beauty on 81%.

Google’s research revealed that the amount of money spent was considerably different between smartphone shoppers who used their smartphones habitually to shop, as opposed to those who did so less frequently.

The rise of the Androids

The Androids are taking over, according to figures published in Millenial Media’s Q1 2013 Mobile Mix report. Alongside a 28% increase in ad impressions on iPhone and 19% on Samsung devices over last quarter, it reports a 125% increase for Amazon who are now one of the top 10 manufacturers.
Android devices now account for almost half the total tablet impressions, and impressions grew by 96% over the year, with Samsung tablets leading the Android field. While iOS still accounts for more than half the market, Android has increased in three years from just 6% in 2010 to an impressive 39%.
Another notable, if more modest shift is from smartphones to non-phone devices, which can be attributed to the advent of smaller, more portable tablets.…

Mobile marketing channel is essential

Figures release by the Office for National Statistics have shown so far this year 45% of UK Internet users have accessed the internet using a mobile phone.

Smartphones are now becoming the ultimate shopping companion tool, which is transforming the way sawy consumers shop online.

However, a staggering 83% of top UK companies do not have a mobile optimised website.

How can you take advantage of the mobile opportunity?

After many months of development and testing Pinnacle Internet Marketing has just launched a mobile website development platform that allows users with no technical knowledge to create an optimised mobile version of their website.

The system is very easy to use and has a fully integrated content management system (CMS) to allow users to update their websites as and when they require. It has many advanced features such as One click to Call & Email, Google Analytics integration, Full online browser based development and deployment tool.

It is not uncommon for users to create and deploy a mobile optimised version of their website within a few hours.…