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Google Maps Public Transport Data

In the single largest update to their maps service, Google have incorporated data for public transport across England, Scotland and Wales. Users can now head to the platform for information about the departure times, routes and number of stops for trains, buses and ferries across the country.

Google Maps isn’t the first app to offer this type of information, with Rome2Rio’s UK Transport Search just one of the other services providing similar coverage. Yet, because of Google’s already huge popularity, the move won’t go unnoticed and is unlikely to go underused.

Before this shake-up, the app did provide some transport data for parts of Great Britain but lacked coverage for much of Wales, the Midlands and northern England. Some searches didn’t bring up any results at all, no matter how short and simple the routes between destinations. These gaps have now been plugged with the help of Traveline’s data.

In total, up to date schedules from nearly 1,500 different transport operators have been incorporated, including more than 333,000 departure points and 17,000 different routes. This translates to every single bus, train and ferry travelling anywhere between Land’s End and John O’Groats. Google also provides information for different routes so users …

Twitter Testing a Fave People Timeline

Like to follow a bunch of accounts but don’t always want to see their tweets in your feed? Twitter may have the answer…

twitter testing a fave people timeline

What is ‘Fave People’?

Twitter is trialling a new timeline feature called ‘Fave People’ in their Android alpha application – a mobile app the company uses to test changes before they move them to beta testing and out to the general public. The feature allows users to list their favourite accounts in a separate section of the platform making ‘Fave People’ a progression from Twitter’s previous ‘Lists’, with a friendlier label.

The alpha app currently includes a top navigation menu which users can swipe to move between sections such as ‘Home’, ‘Activity’ and ‘Discover’. ‘Fave People’ is the new addition to this menu sporting a fairly prominent position directly next to the ‘Home’ button. When alpha users select this section for the first time, the app explains how the new feature works:

Keep track of your favorites

Tap the star icon on the profiles of your favorite people to see their Tweets in this timeline. You can also choose to receive notifications when they tweet from Settings.

A button is located beneath this message so users can …

Facebook Buying Drones to Connect Africa

Now that Facebook wear the crown for biggest social network in the world, they are upping their game to head into new realms. Space is their next endeavour with the company in talks to purchase 11,000 drones that would provide internet access to isolated, developing communities.

facebook buying drones

These advanced, solar-powered drones are built by Titan Aerospace, can fly up to 65,000 feet and remain in the air for up to five years. They go by the more technical name of an ‘Atmostat’ and can operate as near-Earth satellites without launch into orbit and for much lower costs. According to reports, Facebook is looking into buying the manufacturer for $60m and planning to use the aircrafts to beam in a blanket of connection across Africa and other countries.

Amongst other founding members which include Nokia, Samsung and MediaTek, the social network plays a pro-active role in the project which aims to bring internet to parts of the world that are isolated from a connection.

Mark Zuckerberg has commented: “It’s easy to take for granted that most people have access to the internet, but only one third of the world, 2.7 billion people, currently have access to the internet.” He has also …

Facebook Introduces New Feature – Highlights Feed

Facebook have begun testing a new ‘highlights’ feed so you can skim through your friend’s most important life experiences with ease.

The highlights feed update was pushed out to all ios users last weekend (21st-23rd February) and according to the app’s change log, didn’t include anything more than simple bug fixes. This clearly was not the case.

The new ‘highlights feed’ feature includes what posts that Facebook counts as ‘important life updates’. These kind of updates include new job offers, babies being born and marriage. The feed also helpfully includes a list of upcoming birthdays amongst those who are friends with you on the platform. This gives users the ability to think in advance what kind of message they want to be giving their nearest and dearest on their most special day of the year. With enough luck, this change will eradicate the ever popular last minute ‘HBD!’.

seamless pattern with like signs

Of course, this isn’t the first time Facebook has tried to improve it’s feed service. After seeing how much clutter can build up after befriending hundreds of people, 2010 saw Facebook introduce a new feed called ‘Top Stories’ which filtered only the most engaged with posts into a clutter-free feed.They have continued …