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LinkedIn Publishing Tool


Big news in the LinkedIn camp this week, the LinkedIn Publishing Tool is seeing more utilisation. The previously ‘influencer only’ tool for publishing longform posts is now available to all every single user within the LinkedIn network.

Ryan Roslanksy, LinkedIn’s Head of Content Products has commented: “We’re really excited to actually open up this publishing platform and start to draw some of that experience, knowledge, and insight out of these members and onto the LinkedIn platform to share at more of a massive scale”.

These user-generated, detailed posts can be viewed straight from a public profile. Whilst in its limited phase, these posts generated approximately 31,000 views when distributed by the platforms ‘Influencers’. The success of the feature coupled with proof of its effectiveness to engage with a large amount of people was the driving force in persuading LinkedIn to make the feature readily available to all.


Much like Facebook, LinkedIn is looking to feature higher quality content in its feeds more often. Cutting out the spam and generally making following your feed a more worthwhile endeavour. Rolansky added that the network would feature quality content such as this to widen its exposure in front of relevant audiences. One of …

Safer Internet Day

Today marks Safer Internet Day: a global event that takes place each February to promote awareness of the dangers of online technology. Organised by the European support network, Insafe, the campaign aims to educate teachers, parents and children about the risks and to encourage the safer use of the internet. In the run up to the day, countries across the world have taken part in hundreds of events to support awareness of online safety issues.

The Safer Internet Day official video 2014:

How is the UK taking part in Safer Internet Day?

The UK’s Safer Internet Centre has worked with professional bodies, partners, schools and parents to provide educational tools and information about the dangers of what children can so easily see and interact with online. Teachers have been given packs including lesson plans and activity ideas to help them address the issues with children and to encourage children to help themselves and others stay safe.

Today, SID is streaming Safer Internet TV between 12 noon and 8pm with content aimed at professional bodies responsible for children, teachers, parents and young people.  Schools have been encouraged to view some of the content which will aim to better understanding of the …

Google Links Google+ Contacts to Gmail

In another move to integrate the Google+ network with its other services, Google has made the email addresses of all Google+ users available to Gmail users. This means that Google+ users need only type the name of their recipient to have access to their email and be able to send them a direct message through the Gmail platform.

This integration essentially offers a broader list of contacts to Gmail users and also removes the need to exchange email addresses with others on the network. Google will now suggest Google+ connections as recipients when an email is links google+ contacts to gmail

Although this change will automatically come into effect for all on the network, Google+ users can opt out of sharing their email with anybody who has them in circles. Instead, users can choose to share their email only with people they have in circles or with no one at all.

Many privacy advocates have regarded the move as a threat, claiming that Google should have introduced the feature as an ‘opt-in’ rather than an ‘opt-out’ and that it will lead to messages from strangers and spam. Yet, on the other hand, the integration does enable users to reach their contacts more easily and …

New Jelly App for Marketers

This week, Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone launched a new mobile, visual Q&A app called Jelly. The app enables users to pose a question to their social networks by taking a photo and attaching a drawing or text. These questions display in a swipe-through feed on the app, to be answered or ignored by other users.

jelly app

In a video about how Jelly works, Biz Stone comments, “everyone’s mobile, everyone’s connected, so if you have a question there’s somebody out there who knows the answer.” He also describes Jelly as a “new way to search” and claims that users will get on board as people are “driven to help”. Biz stresses that the key difference of searching through Jelly is that users have access to real, human knowledge rather than information thrown up by algorithms.

Either Twitter, Facebook or both of these networks can be connected to Jelly but users also have the option to share questions with other social networks, via email or via SMS. Questions will appear in the feeds of not only friends but friends of friends and users can forward questions to a friend, providing for a much wider reach. Users are notified when they receive an answer …