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Tailored Audiences new to Twitter Advertising

tailored audiencesTwitter certainly isn’t up for getting left behind in the online advertising market and the social network has stepped up what it has to offer with the introduction of ads that are tailored to audiences. Now all businesses have the opportunity to remarket to their potential customers on the social media channel.

The most powerful and promising part of this feature is that audiences who have shown an interest in a brand both on or away from the channel can be targeted. Using cookies, Twitter can match website visitors to Twitter accounts, enabling brands to remarket to their prospects in a more personal and direct way on the network.

Tailored Audiences drive Better Results

Whereas remarketing with AdWords will show ads to audiences as they visit other sites, Twitter will show ads or ‘promoted tweets’ within user feeds, making them much more visible and direct. Brands can specify which groups of audiences they want targeted with which messages, providing more relevant ads to users and more precise advertising.

Twitter began testing tailored audiences many months ago and the product has finally been rolled out after results showed that brands using the advertising saw better conversions and lowered costs per customer …

Facebook Promotes Quality Content

Social network giant, Facebook, has recently announced a change to their algorithms which will effect which content takes prominence in user news feeds. The change was made on the 2nd December and will elevate high quality news articles, in an effort to provide users with better access to what they enjoy and to improve click-through rates on the channel.

Facebook’s modification to news feeds is a reaction to the increase in people using the network to read and share the latest news, whether it’s about serious world issues or celebrity blunders. Facebook has commented, ‘The goal of News Feed is to show the right content to the right people at the right time. In the last year, more people found news on Facebook than ever before. Today’s update to News Feed ranking recognizes that people want to see more relevant news and what their friends have to say about it.”facebook promotes quality content

The change means users will see more links to high quality articles about current news appearing in their feed, across all devices. In turn, low-quality links such as meme photos and mass-shared viral content may show up less.

Users will further be given an option to read more articles …

Google page rank update December 2013

Google has updated page rank in December 2013

According to Matt Cutts from Google he said he would be surprised if there was a public update in Google page rank before 2014, but it has happened.

Many lower quality websites and blogs have lost their page rank altogether . However as always there have been winners and losers.

Page rank now has less of an effect on rankings but it does effect the crawl rate that google comes to visit your website.

Many SEO’s will be rushing to check their page rank, but the public displayed page rank update has been preceded by Google internal updates which occur on a much more frequent basis.

Most SEO’s now agree that Domain Authority and Page Authority is a much better indicator of rankings of domains and individual pages.

Chrome Voice Search Extension

Using speech to search for information or to ask a question is already all the rage on smartphones and tablets with Google’s Voice Search and Apple’s Siri taking centre stage for popularity. And now, us desktop and laptop users are no longer to miss out as Google has introduced a Voice Search extension for the Chrome browser.

To use the feature, users must download the extension and have a microphone built in or connected to their device. When Voice Search is installed on Chrome, a microphone icon will appear next to the search bar. The icon must be clicked to become activated and then users will be taken to a screen asking them to ‘Speak Now’.canstockphoto14482458

After the search terms are spoken, Google will first type out what is being said and will then either display a relevant list of search results or, if the speech was not understood, will bring up a list of search options. Depending on the search terms or questions, Google might also speak the answer. Read more about Chrome voice search.

The introduction of hands-free searching across devices is all part of Google’s aim to improve the way people communicate with the search engine. In …