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Google Street View: Explore Indoors

Great isn’t it – strolling the streets of Paris, checking out a Chinese market or even finding it far too fun to walk next to your house. With Google Street View you can travel the world without moving from your seat – well, you can travel with your eyes anyway.

And now you can even spend (or waste) your time browsing the insides of buildings as Google will be rolling out Street View (or building view) for transportation hubs all around the world, including Gatwick airport, London’s mainline train stations as well as airports, train and subway stations across Europe, Asia and the U.S. You can even head inside an Emirates Airbus A380 on the Dubai International Airport runway.

canstockphoto3088802We know, they’re hardly the most scenic of locations, but Google is pitching these new additions as a handy feature for tourists. Travellers can preview where they’ll be departing from and where they’ll be arriving, helping them to get familiar with their journey. Just think – you can use Street View to find your airport terminal and check-in desk before you’ve even left the house.

Check out the inactive map that Google has published to find out which buildings you’ll be …

Google Patents a Social Media Robot

Are you forever neglecting your social media channels? Are the floods of updates and messages just too time consuming? Can you even remember the last time you interacted with another user? Well, in the future you could avoid a diminishing online presence by handing over all of your social media commitments to a robot.

Green RobotThe software, which has been patented by Google, would analyse how you interact across all of your social channels. Collecting your information and logging your responses, statuses, notifications, links to other media and any messages you receive, the robot would learn how to mimic your reactions to create suggestions.

These suggestions would differ per social media channel, taking into account the kind of relationships you have with other users. For example, updates and response suggestions for the professional network LinkedIn would carry a more detached tone than a status update for friends and family on Facebook. The bot would also flag up messages that require a more personal response.

Response suggestions would be indistinguishable from a human reaction but users would still choose to agree or disagree for them to be posted on their behalf. Yet, examples of the software have shown that the idea still …

Selfie – Word of the Year 2013

‘Selfie’ – the term that has made it possible to post frequent self-portraits on social media without seeming absurdly vain. Yes, we’ve all seen them: the so-called casual ‘no make up’ selfie, the pouty close-up, the high-angle shots of ripped male bodies captioned ‘been to the gym’ and the double portrait shots of friends pulling faces. Even celebs have got on the bandwagon with Jessie J, Justin Bieber and Ellie Goulding just some of the names guilty of a good old take-your-own-picture.

Girlfriends SelfshotYes, selfies have been cluttering up our social media channels for a while but now the slang word has reached new heights as it has been named Word of the Year by the Oxford English Dictionary.

This award celebrates how English speakers adapt and invent their language according to social, political or technological changes and trends. To qualify, a word must have become prominently popular within the past year. So, how did the selfie’s rise to fame begin?

The term originated over a decade ago in 2002, ‘down-under’ in Australia, when a young drunk used the slang online to describe a self-portrait. Since then the word has grown in momentum, to coincide with the introduction of front-facing cameras …

Google Hummingbird: The Low Down


Google Hummingbird, the biggest change to Google since 2001, has been recently announced.

The tech giant’s 15th birthday coincided with its new Hummingbird search algorithm being launched. This is the biggest radical change in over a decade regarding Google’s search engine, and some 90% of searches will be affected.

Following many changes in recent months, including mobile search results having a new look and Penguin 2.1,Google Hummingbird has its focus specifically on the user, particularly identifying exactly what the user is searching for and giving them the best possible answer.

Part of the improvements will see search enquiries of greater length. The enquiry will be examined thoroughly, so that the exact meaning of the user’s request is better understood.

Read more about the Google Hummingbird update here.…