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Google Hummingbird: The Low Down


Google Hummingbird, the biggest change to Google since 2001, has been recently announced.

The tech giant’s 15th birthday coincided with its new Hummingbird search algorithm being launched. This is the biggest radical change in over a decade regarding Google’s search engine, and some 90% of searches will be affected.

Following many changes in recent months, including mobile search results having a new look and Penguin 2.1,Google Hummingbird has its focus specifically on the user, particularly identifying exactly what the user is searching for and giving them the best possible answer.

Part of the improvements will see search enquiries of greater length. The enquiry will be examined thoroughly, so that the exact meaning of the user’s request is better understood.

Read more about the Google Hummingbird update here.…

2014: The Year of Social TV



2014 is set to be a big year for social TV – though it’s impact has taken longer than some expected.

Social media will be able to support communication and social interaction regarding watching TV and anything linked to TV programmes. Social TV is bound to be targeted by TV related advertising, because one of the biggest themes of social media sites is discussions about TV programmes.

Twitter and Facebook have forged partnerships with media companies such as Nielsen, NFL and Comcast, and the next step will be ads appearing on social media which are highly relevant to what individual users are talking about.

Social media use on mobile devices will also be one aspect that will be particularly targeted by advertising, with less clutter being of obvious appeal. Through social media, relevant ads to individuals will appear in real time, too.…

Paid & Organic Report for Google Adwords

Google adds new Paid & Organic Report to Adwords!

The new Paid & Organic report allows users to analyse and optimise their advertising, by allowing both Paid and Organic searches to be displayed side by side in the same report.The report also allows the user to view the effectiveness of their advertising where the user has combined a paid ad, and an organic listing on the same web page.

The report can be found in Google Adwords and is free to use. Even if a user does not pay for advertising, they can still use some organic search reporting features free of charge.

This report looks like a canny move from Google in a bid to boost paid Ads, as it will give users greater visibility of the effectiveness of their advertising (which should pinpoint where paid ads would be of most benefit).

New Internet Rules for China

New rules are being brought into force in China regarding comments on the internet.The country’s state media is set to crack down hard on defamatory comments – but only if those comments have been seen by thousands of people, or reposted hundreds of times.

A three year prison sentence may be the punishment for comments disapproved by the government – if they have been seen by 5,000 people, or reposted over 500 times on social media.

Caijing deputy editor Luo Changping is one individual who has fallen foul of the Chinese government’s energy body, after being accused of slandering Liu Tienan, a former director of Caijing. Mr. Luo had publicly accused Mr. Liu of wrongdoing via his online posts.

The Guangzhou Daily and The Beijing News are two Chinese newspapers that have voiced concern about possible restrictions to free speech, which could deter individuals trying to expose wrongdoing.