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Google music and games


Google has turned its attention to streaming music, by launching its Google Play Music All Access (or GPMAA for the sake of convenience).

Previously, streamed music was available through Google Play, but it had to be bought via the system. This is now no longer necessary, and a wide variety of music can be listened to for just $9.99 a month.

There is an offer to try GPMAA for free for a 30 day period, and, for those who sign up before the 30th of June, it will cost $7.99.

GPMAA is an amalgam of both Internet radio and music storage, and there are 20 million songs for you to choose from when online. This can be done randomly or by the creation of radio stations, which are either based on songs or bands and singers. The site is interactive and can customize your play list based on your listening habits.…

The 4 Steps From Insight To Action!

Most internet marketers track and analyse a series of measurements including visits to their sites, the amount of time people spend on their sites, how they got to the site and either downloads, conversions or downloads. However, the important part of taking in all this information is knowing what to do with it to improve your business. We will now look at 4 steps you need to take to move from insight to action.

Step 1 – Focus On Results

With every measurement that you track it is important that you work out what you do need to do change its value.

Step 2 – Develop A Plan

Once you have these numbers and proposed actions to take with each, you have the beginnings of a plan. If there are any measurements that do not have a plan of action attached to them, you should just drop those measurements. Now you can make a list of the action and form it into a detailed plan with each action prioritized by their potential impact and resource availability.

Step 3 – Build A Team

In order to take your proposed actions you need to have a team of skilled individuals to help …

Google’s new One Channel

Earlier this month, Google unveiled the all-new Youtube One Channel. The new Youtube One Channel brings in a new video marketing strategy for users and a refined layout. Youtube now focuses on having users build a progressive and cohesive channel to expand your audience. After running several beta tests and garnering feedback from partners and creators, Google launched the One Channel upgrade for all youtube channels to opt in if they desired.

The redesign aims to improve channel layout across all browsers and help channels convert visitors into subscribers with a more customized video organization and playlist strategy. With other data devices such a smarthphones and tablets continuing to grow in popularity, the new look is designed for optimal viewing on all devices and browsers. Youtube One Channel seeks to improve channels’ convertibility and specifically targets an improved space for businesses.

To optimize your channel’s success with the new design, Youtube recommends creating a channel branding trailer, memorable channel art and organizing your channel’s videos/content. Try out the new Youtube.com/onechannel and opt in if it fits your needs.…

Very few companies are taking advantage of remarketing

There is still a low take up of Google remarketing features in adwords, but remarketing is a very powerful tool if used correctly. Using remarketing you can target people who have visited your website, but for whatever reason did not purchase or make an enquiry.

You can remarket to these people only making this a very powerful marketing tool.

You can also target people who visited a certain page on your website, so for example if you run an online shop, which sells a wide variety of, products and they visited a page selling golf clubs but did not purchase, you could remarket to these people displaying a special offer on golf clubs. This can have a dramatic increase on conversion rates.

This is only the start of remarketing and there are many more advanced ways you can use remarketing to increase conversion rates, and brand awareness.…