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Make the Most of Your Christmas SEO During the Festive Period

Christmas SEOWith Christmas just around the corner and the volume of retail enquiries due to double over the next few weeks, getting your SEO right is vital. With more people than ever using the internet to do their shopping and compare service prices, it’s time to make the most of your Christmas SEO.

1. Target Local Services

With an estimated one in five people doing all of their Christmas shopping online, targeting your local area may be the best option. Tweaking your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns during the festive season is a great way of upping sales. Pausing your usual, year-round campaigns and opting instead for Christmas –themed ones. Think beyond your PPC; include holiday keywords on your website homepage and social media profiles. Use your adverts to endorse your promotions here and really show your products in the best way possible.

2. Get Creative with your Promotions

So Black Friday’s gone, Cyber Monday’s vanished; now it’s time for Christmas Offersserious sales-driven focus. Everybody loves a sale or a promotion so make a big deal of it. Why not create a give-away campaign or photo contest? Social media is brilliant for promoting any kind of service and works especially well with these engaging

Improve Adwords Click Through Rate

Depending on your advertising goal, there are various ways to optimise your Google AdWords campaign. You can optimise for impressions or conversions but when your goal is to drive traffic to your site then you’ll want to focus on improving your click through rate (CTR). Pushing up your click through rate will also indicate to Google that your ads are more relevant – your keywords will get higher quality scores and in turn, your ads will be shown more often. For any goal, optimising a campaign takes trial and error but here are 5 tips you can use to get on the right track and start boosting your click through rate results.

How to Improve Click Through Rates

1.       Use Ad Groups

Whereas your overall campaign goal might be to drive traffic to your site, ad groups are important for categorising the different goals of the ads within your campaign. For example, the aim of a coffee shop’s advertising campaign might be to increase traffic to their site. Yet, within this campaign, they’ll set up different ad groups for each of their different products. One ad group will focus on their American Lattes, one on their cappuccinos, another on their …

Pay Per Click Advertising Benefits

Why Pay Per Click?

pay per click

Pay per click advertisements can give an effective boost to your internet marketing campaign. These ads show up at the top and to the side of organic search results and are a quick way of getting your website visible on the first page of Google.

You only pay for these ads when they are shown or clicked, depending on your budget and your preferences. But just how much are they worth an investment from your business? Let’s find out as we take a look at some of the great benefits of the Google search advertising platform:


Whereas SEO is a long process that takes time and a continued effort, pay per click advertisements can start bringing relevant traffic to your site in just 24 hours after a campaign is set up. This way, if you need to get a message out there and quick, you can.

Suited to any Budget

The great thing about AdWords is that any business can get on board, no matter what its size. You can simply set a budget for what you can afford, bid your preferred amounts and Google will show your PPC ads the maximum amount of times …

Preparing for Paid Search Advertising

As with any business campaign, paid search advertising only works as well as the effort that you are prepared to put into the planning. There are a few things that need to be considered before driving into the process.

Firstly, the trade that the advertising generates needs to be given a value. That is, a decision needs to be made about what a reasonable conversion would be. This could be a guaranteed sale or something less easy to define, such as lead generation. Either way, some basic analysis needs to be carried out about much value paid advertising can bring to the company. A targeted strategy can then be adopted, based on this analysis.

Yet, that is not everything. The business website must be set up correctly to receive trade from those leads. There is little point in taking people who have clicked on something specific to a generic page – the landing page is key.

Successful paid search advertising involves planning, testing and patience.…