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Google page rank update December 2013

Google has updated page rank in December 2013

According to Matt Cutts from Google he said he would be surprised if there was a public update in Google page rank before 2014, but it has happened.

Many lower quality websites and blogs have lost their page rank altogether . However as always there have been winners and losers.

Page rank now has less of an effect on rankings but it does effect the crawl rate that google comes to visit your website.

Many SEO’s will be rushing to check their page rank, but the public displayed page rank update has been preceded by Google internal updates which occur on a much more frequent basis.

Most SEO’s now agree that Domain Authority and Page Authority is a much better indicator of rankings of domains and individual pages.

SEO Keyword Mistakes: 3 Ways Not to Rank

The SEO environment is a whole jungle of different techniques that can be used to improve a site’s visibility in the search engines. Yet, there are plenty of monster mistakes in that jungle that can jeopardise a campaign’s success, especially when it comes to keywords.

SEO takes effort and it takes time and there’s no worse feeling than the frustration of not knowing why something isn’t working. To avoid an SEO campaign disaster, check through these 3 top keyword optimisation mistakes and make sure you aren’t at the hand of any of them:

1.    Lack of Keyword Research

Journeying to a destination without directions is sure to get you nowhere fast and the same goes for an SEO campaign without keyword research. Keyword research is the core to your apple; the seed to your plant; the basis of your keyword optimisation. Before you begin with SEO, you need to search and discover how your customers are finding you.

Sure thing, if you’re an ice cream shop you can focus on the keyword ‘ice cream’ and probably enjoy a lot of traffic to your site but what are these visitors looking for and are they going to convert? Traffic is low-quality …

Pinterest for Business

pinterest for business'Images and videos are the hottest content online. They are engaging and shareable and should take top priority for content and social media strategies. With this in mind, Pinterest is certainly not a platform for businesses to ignore.

The content-sharing site is in fact a dream for marketers, generating 400% more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook. This is besides the fact that 80% of all pins on the site are repins, so there’s a pretty brilliant chance that your content will get out there and go far.

That is of course if it is good content and if you use the site to its full advantage. Here are 6 key things you need to be doing on Pinterest to get the most out of the network and ensure that it will make a difference for your business:

1.    You Must Give to Receive

Many companies will get on Pinterest, upload pictures of their products to one board then wait in the hope that someone will re-pin or engage. Sure, your products might be great and people might love to re-pin them but this doesn’t complete the ingredients of a successful Pinterest business presence.

Businesses need …

Google Places & Local Internet Marketing

Google Places for Your Business

Google Places is essentially an online directory in which you can enter a listing for your business. Your listing gives potential customers accurate, helpful information such as your location, contact details, opening hours and a description of the products or services that you offer. This listing can show up in local searches for your service or for keywords specific to your service and location.

carte en nuage

Your potential customers can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. But is your business there to be found?

Featuring your business in the Google Places directory is a quick and easy way to get visible on the first page of search results. These listings often appear above organic listings and experience a high click through rate. Entering a listing is completely free but as there are more relevant listings per search than room on the first page, Google has employed a system to rotate which listings show.

With careful optimisation, you can improve the visibility of your business listing. This will help you get in front of more potential customers, drive more relevant traffic to your site, improve your sales and grow your business. So let’s find out how …