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Excellent Customer Service on Social Media

Are you replying to your customers on social media?

Do you personalise your interactions?

Do your customers feel appreciated?

The way you offer customer service on social media can have a major impact on your brand’s reputation. Every like, comment or tweet from your audience is the beginning of a conversation, and how you react is crucial. In this article you’ll learn how to shape-up your engagement to ensure you’re creating a great customer experience that will translate into trust and loyalty for your brand.

customer service on social media

1.      Provide Solutions

Monitor mentions of your brand on social media to look out for needs to fill and problems to solve. By handling customer issues on the public stage, in real time, you can benefit both the customer and your brand. And your approach will be even more effective if you go above and beyond the generic responses of: ‘please call us so we can help’ or ‘please see our website for the information you require’.

Make the effort to tailor your responses and to offer something satisfying. For example, CitiBike once tweeted a customer a gift card for a new pair of jeans after he tweeted that he had fallen off his bike …

Facebook is Moving Mobile Messaging

Something that’s been getting a lot of attention online for the past week or so is the news that Facebook is moving mobile messaging. Now, users must download the Messenger app to continue chatting on mobile.

facebook is moving mobile messaging

Previously, users could choose to chat via either the Facebook or Messenger app. But for a while now, iPhone and Android users have been notified that the messages interface is moving and prompted to download the Messenger app. And over the next few days, Facebook will stop allowing messaging through the Facebook app altogether.

The move was tested on users in Europe back in April of this year and after seeing positive increases in user engagement, Facebook have decided to roll out the change worldwide. One of the main findings to come out of the testing was that people replied on the Messenger app 20% as quickly as they did on the Facebook app.

facebook is moving mobile messagingSpeaking about the change to TechCrunch, Facebook stated:

“In the next few days, we’re continuing to notify more people that if they want to send and receive Facebook messages, they’ll need to download the Messenger app. As we’ve said, our goal is to focus development efforts on making Messenger

5 Ways to Generate Leads on Twitter

With 310 million monthly users, Twitter is the second most popular social network online. Every day, an average of 58 million tweets are sent out and 135,000 new users sign up, and all this activity poses a lot of potential for marketing. But how can you tap into this hub of information to build a following and generate leads? Find out in this article as we look at using Twitter to sift through and hone in on prospects for your business.

generate leads on twitter

1.       Keywords and Hashtags

One way to seek out your target audience is with keywords and hashtags. Make a list of all the keywords and hashtags related to your business, your products/services and those of your competitors. Then punch these into Twitter search.

Your results will be a combination of twitter users who are interested in these keywords, or have used these keywords and hashtags. Engage with the prospects you think may be interested in you by favouriting or retweeting their content, mentioning them or following them.

And make sure you make the most of Twitter’s advanced search to really narrow down your options and focus in on more promising prospects. You can refine your search in a number …

Deciphering LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages are powerful platforms for B2Bs and B2Cs to market what they offer. And with the introduction of Showcase Pages earlier this year, brands can now tailor their communications on the network much more effectively. In this post we look at what Showcase Pages are, what they include and how to use them.

showcase pages

But first…What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn Company Page works similar to a business page or profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It’s a social media platform to post content, attract followers, build relationships and connect with your target audience. On a LinkedIn Company Page, you can also include information about your company, your products and your services besides links to your website and contact details.

So What is a LinkedIn Showcase Page?

Before LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages in April of this year (2014), Company Pages included the option to add Products and Services tabs. These tabs would show up in the sidebar of the Company Page and when clicked, would display more information about each specific offering.

Showcase pages have now taken on this role. Yet, they work differently, almost like Company Pages:

  • You can post updates to Showcase Pages