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A Beginner’s Guide to Using Google Trends

canstockphoto10177889If you are like many website owners, you appreciate the fact that understanding the popularity of trends and search terms is an excellent way to hone your current marketing campaign as well as to better understand what your competitors may be doing. You will be pleased to learn that this can now all be accomplished with the help of a system known simply as Google Trends. So, how can you use this platform and what are some of the benefits to be experienced? Let’s have a brief look at both of these questions.

The Power of Visual Presentation

There have been other keyword search tools over the years. One of the biggest differences in regards to Google Trends is that you will not see “static” and generic information, but rather how popular the term has been over the past few years. We can think of this as the “evolution” of a keyword or key phrase. As all of this data is provided to you in an easy-to-read graphical format, you can quickly determine which terms are getting the most hits and which ones have faded off of the radar.

Interactivity is Key

Google Trends has been created under the assumption …

What Makes the Perfect Social Media Update?


Social media now dominates the internet and using it correctly can increase your views dramatically. Whatever your reason for engaging with it may be, there are a number of techniques that can help you get the most out of the experience. As there are subtle differences between platforms, we will consider Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and how you can fashion the perfect social media update.


thumb up, i like it

With over a billion regular users, Facebook represents a massive potential market for product and information but there are good and bad ways to present it.

  • Be mobile friendly. Over two thirds of Facebook users can access social media on their mobile device. Including imagery is important as it undoubtedly increases user engagement, but ensure it translates well on to the ever popular smart phone.
  • Send a positive message as this will increase interest in your latest update and encourage your reader to continue on through your post.
  • Include a link to your website and use a shortened URL (bit.ly). Make it obvious and proud. Promote your product or your point of view!
  • Create a dialogue with your readers, engage their interest and keep hold of them by building relationships and providing them

5 Ways to Step Up Your Twitter Engagement

Twitter Bird SMOThe value of Twitter extends beyond its millions of users – it is about the way in which these users engage with your brand. Unless you engage with its users, you are wasting precious time and effort. Here are five techniques that will help you to generate better engagement.

1. Keep your tweets short and sweet

Twitter’s 140-character restriction may seem too short, but research reveals that shorter tweets with 80 to 110 characters are more engaging, achieving a 17% higher engagement rate than longer tweets. To keep your tweets short and sweet, use hashtags within your tweets and shorten URLs using an URL-shortening service such as Bitly or Ow.ly. When you leave room in your tweets, you will make it easier for others to retweet and add their own text.

2. Tailor the timing of your tweets

If you want engagement, schedule your tweets for the weekend. According to research, engagement is 17% higher on the weekends than it is on weekdays. The Twittersphere is most active between 8am and 7pm in your audience’s time zone, with retweets peaking at around 5pm, when users are on their evening commute. When optimising for clicks rather than retweets, research shows that …

Top Tips for Growing Your Youtube Subscribers

PWith billions of video views daily, YouTube is a great tool for creating an online presence. In order to build your brand successfully, you want to get people to watch, enjoy and share your videos as widely as possible. This is where subscribers step in. Youtube Subscribers are the lifeblood of any YouTube channel. These regular viewers are more likely to interact with and share your videos, thus helping your content to reach an ever growing audience. The steps outlined below will help you to grow the subscriber base of your channel.


On a site as huge as YouTube, you need to make sure your content has something unique to offer to attract a large audience. Always focus on the value your content gives to the viewer. Whether you’re providing entertainment or information, people will only come back for more if they got something out of watching your content. In order to increase views, you also need to upload new videos on a regular basis.


In order to stop potential Youtube subscribers from leaving your channel too soon, you can give a nudge to the viewer by asking them to subscribe. One effective …