Content marketing is current

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SEO / 12 June 2013

Despite recent concerns about biased online content masquerading as disinterested commentary, content marketing is very much alive and well in the online community.
A recent infographic posted by Demand Metric suggests 90% of organisations use content to market products, on average spending more than a quarter of their budget on content. 78% of marketing chiefs told researchers they see custom content as marketing’s future. Furthermore, providing this unbiased and intriguing content has drawn the attention of many marketers to the services of Demand Metric. Supplying genuinely helpful free e-books, presentations, webinars and templates are similarly effective tactics for drawing in potential customers.
The infographic also suggested social media and blogs occupy 23% of all online time, and, on average, company blogs create a 67% increase in leads. The more informative and less PR-oriented they are, the more effective blogs will tend to be.

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