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BloggingContent MarketingSocial MediaTips / 10 October 2014

Approximately 175,000 blogs are added to the web on a daily basis proving that blogging is still a huge way to get noticed online. But with so many available out there, how do you make sure that your blog is the one worth reading? In this article, we consider four ways to improve your content and engage your audience.Laptop media

1. Consider Your Audience

Before you even start thinking about your first post it’s important to think about who you want to read your blog. Will you be targeting people of a certain profession? If so will you be using specific technical language or jargon that might not be easily understandable to those out of the loop? Or will you be writing a more general blog for someone who might just be viewing your blog, interested in your title? By deciding on the kind of demographic that you’re writing for you will be able to narrow down all aspects to create the optimum content for your readers.

2. Clever Content

Something that will keep your readers coming back for more is your content. Well-written, valuable content about something relevant to your readership will keep them engaged and likely to get involved with this conversation that you have opened up online.
Create a unique voice that it is personal to your blog. Make your sentences short and simple, easy to read and understand. Keep it conversational with your readers, informal and personal enough for them to
feel like you’re directing what you’re saying to them. Inject some of your personality into the main body of the text to keep their attention.

3. Imaginative Images

Articles with an image included get 94% more views than those without. Apart from the engagement value, content automatically becomes more interesting when there’s something there to break up the text. In an age where people are more likely to skim than read the entire thing, separating content with images and subheadings will enable it to be more reader friendly and keep their attention throughout.
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4. Boost User Engagement

The whole point of a blog is to interact with who’s reading it. If you don’t boost engagement on your blog, visitors won’t return a second time and your bounce rate – the percentage of visitors who leave your site after only having looked at one page – will be high and Google won’t be too pleased to advertise you.
Blog’s who have disabled comments make it really difficult to develop a dialogue with their readers. Utilising the comment feature will help you get valuable feedback on your posts as well as the ability to speak to the people who are regularly reading your content.
Connecting your blog to your other social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, will enable your readers to engage with you on different platforms. Advertising your pages on these other platforms will also increase the traffic to your sites and maybe even increase your follower numbers in the process.
Finally, optimise your blog’s layout and design so that it is clear enough to be read on mobile devices as well as a desktop. Steer clear from filling your pages with unnecessary widgets and frilly features and use a unique layout unlike the few pre-installed templates that thousands of other users will be deploying.

To Wrap Up…

Give your readers something that they want to read; that they feel would be beneficial to them in some way. If you’re writing a blog about a specific subject keep it relevant enough to keep their attention. Keep your content engaging and leave them wanting more.

Have any more ideas for making your blog worth reading? Please share your comments below…


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