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Keywords / 6 June 2016


Keyword research, if done in the right way, is not an extremely complex process. Discovering new keywords and understanding their value involves several useful toolkits, which work with different sources to make the process a success. Choosing the right keyword for a website is not a complicated process as many people would imagine. All you need is the right information and tools to guide you through the process.

Use different sources for keyword suggestions
The first mistake many people make while searching for keywords is to use a single source. For instance, many people go to AdWords or Suggest and SEMrush. Although these sources may have accurate data, there are several pieces of data that you can collect from each, which you can connect to get a final answer to your question. The most recommended tool now is the Keyword Explorer, which was launched recently to offer all the functions contained in other tools. Therefore, if you want to spend less time on different tools you can rely on the Keyword Explorer by Moz.

Sort keyword metrics depending on goals
While dealing with keyword metrics, you need to be data-driven. This involves taking all the keywords from each metric and giving them priority. You are able to understand the volume (how many people have searched) of the search element as well as its difficulty. Click-through rates are also another criteria you can use to prioritise keywords, so when you pick the right keyword you are sure it will attract clicks.

Note that some keywords look good, but upon verification their click-through rates are lower than you would expect. This is the reason there is need to have a system that helps you to sort the keywords out to avoid picking ones that may not be useful to your campaign.

Keyword targeting and content creation priorities
Content creation is one of the things people put emphasis on, but few understand the priorities that should drive their ideas towards the creation of content. If you are creating new content after identifying the right keyword, you should first ask several questions.

Start by optimizing the homepage for the keyword you have chosen, and then you can create pages that are meant to highlight products and topics related to the keyword. Simply answer the questions most people are asking on the internet and this will be the first step to earning traffic that could transform into clicks.

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