Facebooks Introduction of Hashtags

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Social Media / 9 July 2013

With the recent introduction of hashtags by Facebook, some will see this as a step into Twitter territory, whilst for others, it is an extra useful feature for Facebook users but what is it really for?If someone includes a hashtag in a post, anyone clicking that tag will see any public content available that relates to that word. In one sense this is a good addition to the search facility which generally pulls up results of people rather than topics at present.
One of the biggest benefits though from Facebook’s point of view is that it should produce more advertising opportunities for it to increase its income and is a great plus for businesses that wish to advertise. It is perhaps almost inevitable that paid results will appear near the top when a hashtag is clicked. Whilst many people hate the commercialisation of Facebook, at least this one does seem to add some user benefit too and may be one that Facebook actually gain from both through their users and advertisers.

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