Google Hummingbird: The Low Down

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NewsSEO / 29 October 2013

Google Hummingbird, the biggest change to Google since 2001, has been recently announced.
The tech giant’s 15th birthday coincided with its new Hummingbird search algorithm being launched. This is the biggest radical change in over a decade regarding Google’s search engine, and some 90% of searches will be affected.
Following many changes in recent months, including mobile search results having a new look and Penguin 2.1,Google Hummingbird has its focus specifically on the user, particularly identifying exactly what the user is searching for and giving them the best possible answer.
Part of the improvements will see search enquiries of greater length. The enquiry will be examined thoroughly, so that the exact meaning of the user’s request is better understood.
Read more about the Google Hummingbird update here.

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