Google music and games

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News / 21 May 2013


Google has turned its attention to streaming music, by launching its Google Play Music All Access (or GPMAA for the sake of convenience).
Previously, streamed music was available through Google Play, but it had to be bought via the system. This is now no longer necessary, and a wide variety of music can be listened to for just $9.99 a month.
There is an offer to try GPMAA for free for a 30 day period, and, for those who sign up before the 30th of June, it will cost $7.99.
GPMAA is an amalgam of both Internet radio and music storage, and there are 20 million songs for you to choose from when online. This can be done randomly or by the creation of radio stations, which are either based on songs or bands and singers. The site is interactive and can customize your play list based on your listening habits.

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