Google's new One Channel

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News / 25 April 2013

Earlier this month, Google unveiled the all-new Youtube One Channel. The new Youtube One Channel brings in a new video marketing strategy for users and a refined layout. Youtube now focuses on having users build a progressive and cohesive channel to expand your audience. After running several beta tests and garnering feedback from partners and creators, Google launched the One Channel upgrade for all youtube channels to opt in if they desired.
The redesign aims to improve channel layout across all browsers and help channels convert visitors into subscribers with a more customized video organization and playlist strategy. With other data devices such a smarthphones and tablets continuing to grow in popularity, the new look is designed for optimal viewing on all devices and browsers. Youtube One Channel seeks to improve channels’ convertibility and specifically targets an improved space for businesses.
To optimize your channel’s success with the new design, Youtube recommends creating a channel branding trailer, memorable channel art and organizing your channel’s videos/content. Try out the new and opt in if it fits your needs.

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