A Guide to Targeting Your Twitter Users

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Social MediaTips / 13 March 2015

Bird holding a hashtagAs one of the world’s biggest social media platforms, Twitter is a great way of targeting the specific audience that you want to reach. Whether you’re looking to update your existing account or are starting from square one, it may seem like a lot of work to start a truly focused following, but it’s not.
Here, we discuss the best ways for targeting Twitter users to get the most out of your engagement and reach.

1. It’s All About Your Content

Creating and sharing high quality content on your website and blog is a must in the world on social media marketing. Content that has everything from enticing headlines to well-structured information and is published in a variety of media is the foundation of keeping a long term presence online.
Building a targeted twitter following is one of the most efficient ways to share all your wonderful content. Make the promotion of your blog an integral part of your social media and attract a new, more focused audience by using hashtags relevant to your topic or industry.

2. Make Some Customer Personas

Deciding the type of audience you would like to target on Twitter is imperative. Customer personas are a great way of figuring out who you’re looking to target. Doing this will highlight related industries and websites and enable you to completely tailor your account.

3. Target Industry Influencers

Industry Influencers are the companies and individuals that carry some dart targetsort of weight in your sector. They should have a large volume of followers and a huge engagement level. Making them your highest priority will increase your traffic and ultimately influence the decisions of others regarding your company.
Taking a look at their followers will help you find accounts that will benefit from your content and can help you increase engagement levels.

4. Target Users Personally

Trends such as follow Friday (#ff) are a great way of expanding your Twitter numbers whilst increasing your reach. Most Shaking Handsaccounts will return the favour if you add them, especially if they represent a part of your industry. Look at doing a follow Friday at least once a month to introduce your new followers to your existing ones.
Other forms of engagement that will help you up your Twitter reach include retweeting others’ updates, getting involved in conversations with them online and sharing their content yourself and mentioning them directly.

How do you target Twitter users? Please leave your comment below…

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