A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights

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Social MediaTips / 6 October 2015

canstockphoto10177889Facebook Insights is a useful little tool that business pages can use to manage their pages more efficiently. Insights is accessible by all of the administrators so that they can all see how business is going. A great device for keeping on track of whats performing well and what’s not. You’ll find two types of Insights that you can use:

User Insights

This shows you things like your total page likes/number of fans, daily active users, new likes and unlikes. You can also see where those likes are coming from, the demographics and your page views.

Interactions Insights

This one lets you see your daily story feedback i.e. post likes and/or comments and your daily page activity such as mentions, wall posts and reviews.

Getting Started

You’ll find Insights on your business homepage. It’s located in the top left hand corner, where you can click the button named “Insights”. Once you’ve found it and clicked on it, you’ll open up a few little tabs, each displaying a little bit of information about your page.

The first tab you’ll see is the ‘Overview’ tab. This lets you see your post activity, generating statistics based on how many likes you’ve received, how many people your posts have reached etc.

Next is the likes tab, followed by the ‘Reach’ tab. This one allows you to see how many views each individual post received, giving you a good indication which format works best. Your average number of likes and comments will let you see how much people are engaging with your page so you can see how interested people really are and what areas people are most interested in.

The visits tab informs you where your likes have come from an the post tab will let you see exactly how many followers saw your page and exactly when they saw it.Perfect for setting up posts so that you reach the most people.

The last tab, the people tab, will give you an insight as to who is viewing your page, male, female, age group and things like that.


You’ll really want to pay attention to the Insights tool, it’s got loads of great information that’ll help you promote and advertise your business, generate traffic to your page and attract new customers. There are certain areas that you’ll want to pay attention to more than others but there are some things that’ll be more useful than others.

How do you keep a track of your social media metrics? Will you be using Facebook Insights? Please leave your comments below…

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