How to Boost Your Google Plus Page

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SEOSocial MediaTips / 9 November 2015

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Having a good Google+ page can really help with your businesses’>SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) score also, key to getting you onto the holy grail of the first page of results for Google.
Below are some simple tips to spruce up your Google+ page.

1. Be Active

Google rewards pages that post, so it is important to be active. Make your page the place that people want to go to for updates. The more you post the more often you will appear on google pages meaning that your audience will be able to find you and engage with you easily.

2. Be Relevant

Make sure your posts are relevant to your audience and not just content for the sake of content, with Google can actually frown upon. Tag your content with keywords, something that Google encourages and will push you up their rankings. Having smart, relevant content is a sure-fire way to get customers coming back to your page time and time again.

3. Be Focused

Find out what your specific audience is looking for and hone in on that. Google+ is built on authentic engagement with audiences so once you find your niche make sure to focus in on it and engage with that specific audience. As other people interact within those Google+ circles your own audience will grow with it, once you maintain that focus.

4. Be the Face

People engage with people first, they want to know a story, don’t be afraid to put yourself out their and be the face of the company, it is what communities and circles want. Receiving a message from the face of the company encourages people to engage and allows them to feel they are really being listened to. Communities don’t want to engage with faceless entities. Never shy away from your own story.

5. Be Decisive

If a strategy isn’t working, change it. With the amount of information out there it is easy to fall behind so if you find you aren’t getting your results learn to pivot and be adaptable to change. No company is ever the finished project, find what works for your audience and hone in on those specifics. If something isn’t having the desired effect cut and move on, it is important to be decisive and stick with them.

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