How To Create Winning Content?

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Content Marketing / 18 April 2016


Great content for your site matters a lot as it helps in maximising your online visibility and accelerates lead generation. Today there are numerous ways to boost the odds in your favour when it comes to great content. To reach a wider audience, you need to craft your information and data to effectively reach your target audience in a way that clearly makes it stand tall among the huge online crowd.

Recommended strategies for winning content include, but not limited to:

Knowing your Audience

Understanding your buyer is critical. This can be achieved by creating content that connects with them easily both emotionally and intellectually. If for example you are dealing with baby clothes and accessories, obviously you’ll want to mostly target younger women.

Entice your Reader

Aim to entice the reader using an alluring title that quickly grabs their attention, inspiring them to move ahead and click on your content (click-baiting). Popular terms that are click-worthy include “Top Ten” or catchy phrases such as “This Will Blow Your Mind.”

Invite and Engage Viewers

To directly connect audiences to your brand, design ways of inviting and engaging viewers. This way they get to become more synonymous with what you are dealing with or with your business image. For example, invite them for live interviews or ask them to make suggestions on how to improve customer service. Make sure to implement recommendations and acknowledge their input.

Create a Calendar

A well designed content calendar reminds you to regularly produce and post fresh content. If you lack new content, then most likely people will cease following you. Plan your content so that you regularly publish something new. Identify any special upcoming or routine industry events which you could write something about. To your calendar, add important dates such as industry awards, product launches and new version releases.


Never make the mistake of believing that simply writing something now and then, and posting it on your website is all that is needed. Take time to evaluate time spent on researching content, following and checking what’s currently trending, co-coordinating the writing, briefing your writers, and in final content production plus the costs of online distribution and pitching. This is intense work and is expensive, so plan your time and resources well.

Constantly evaluating your content will inform you whether your efforts are bearing fruit or if you need to tweak something or perhaps change the strategy completely. Knowing what tracking tools to use will ensure that you are not wasting resources and that you are getting worthy Return-On-Investment.

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