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Email MarketingSocial MediaTips / 4 August 2015

EmailSocial media contests can be a great way of increasing your number of email leads. However, there are some basic things to remember, and here are some of the most important.

Choose The Type Of Contest

There’s many different contest types to choose from, and promote by way of social media, ranging from a photo contest to giving away a small prize in return for an email address (giveaways). A photo contest can appeal to a wide audience because there is a creative process rather than the more random nature of a sweepstake. While sweepstakes are a long established contest form, and can result in collecting many email addresses from entrants looking to win one or more prizes through very little effort.

Consider Your Target Audience

It makes long-term business sense to offer prizes in a social media contest that relate to your company. As an example, a travel company should be looking at giving away travel-related prizes, i.e. tickets to a specific destination, rather than a free games console or iPhone.

Make Winning Seem Achievable

If a contest seems too difficult to win, then you’ll struggle to entice entrants through social media. One of the reasons people can be put off entering a competition is because there’s only one prize, which narrows their odds of winning. While, if something like a car or a lot of cash is the only prize, then many people simply won’t bother to enter – because they will expect a flood of entries for that particular competition.

The Benefits Of Your Contest Info Being Shared

Sharing posts involves little effort, and utilising social media to encourage your contest info to be shared is a surefire way of increasing email leads – if there’s an incentive for entrants. Each time an entrant shares your information, for instance, they can then be rewarded with extra entries. In return for the extra entries you offer, you’ll get the opportunity to build up your number of email leads as news of your contest spreads.

Don’t Forget To Engage Voters

You can also gain email leads through voters, as well as contest entrants. By using social media, to offer prizes to those voters that are the most active, you are likely to attract more voters, and, consequently, markedly increase your number of email leads.

Use A Facebook Business Page To Run A Contest From

Some social media sites can be really good places to run a contest. Such as Facebook. Many businesses will already have their own Facebook page, and this is a page that not only will reach people already among their contacts, but it can reach others too even without paid advertising. If you run a contest from your Facebook page, then you will need to find the appropriate apps to gather email addresses from entrants.

Do you use social media contests in your social media marketing?

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