How to Optimise your Facebook Business Page

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SEOSocial MediaTips / 28 April 2016








Optimising your Facebook Business Page

The online world is constantly expanding and changing with users’ needs, making it difficult to understand which marketing strategies are the most successful. Knowing what will help your business target the most relevant audience will increase your reach exponentially.Using a Facebook Business Page effectively is one key strategy.

Search Engines like Google have particular webpage features prioritised to return efficient search results for their users. Below are some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies that will increase the effectiveness of your Facebook Business Page.

The Right Name
One of the top features is the very first word of a site. To make the most of this, ensure your title is as close to your business name or service as possible, without using generic words, and connect it closely with your business domain too. Make it short and concise, with specific words and very few fillers.

Complete Your Profile
The more information a user sees on your page, the more professional you appear. Potential customers like to have direct access to operating hours, contact details, location and main service information, so ensure you fill in all of these and keep them up to date.
As well as your ‘about us’ section. Litter this with specific keywords related to your services, keeping an eye on spelling and grammar and minimal fillers once again.
Facebook have recently added a call to action button, attached to a link of your choice, that you can customise to any of the following:
– Book Now
– Call Now
– Contact Us
– Send Message
– Use App
– Play Game
– Shop Now
– Sign Up
– Watch Video
– Send Email
– Learn Now
Making it easier for your customers to reach your main business website.

Facebook made it possible to directly connect with customers via business messenger. This, along with direct videos and images, makes it easier for customers to interact with your business. Ensure you keep your posts up to date and relevant, including your profile and cover images, once again, using specific keywords where you can. Sharing others’ posts will also attract them back to your page.

Creating a Facebook Business Page, set up with these tips, will provide you with a drastically broader reach. SEO strategies are key to increasing the effect of your page and make it easier for customers to find you and understand the services you offer.

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