How to Use Social Media for Brand Storytelling

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Social MediaTips / 24 June 2015

BookSocial media strategy and proper brand recognition are so intertwined these days it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. With half the world online it seems and the majority of them engaged in social media, it’s important to understand how storytelling on social media can build your brand and encourage engagement.

It has been said that advertising isn’t read but rather encourages interest and that’s probably never been truer than it is today. The digital age has encourage people to browse quickly and focus little on the images that flash across their screen. If you can get to grips with good storytelling in your social media then you can learn to keep attention on your brand.

Make sure you make your storytelling personal. One of the best things about social media is that you can make a real connection to your target audience. It’s never been easier for there to be a real back and forth between you as the brand and your customers and you should use that fact to make your storytelling as engaging as possible. Pay attention to your client base or target audience, write stories that they can connect with emotionally, try and find away to go beyond just advertising and into actual emotional engagement. If you manage this then you can form a real bond.

Subtlety is your friend in storytelling. The general public can tell the difference between an obvious sob story and something genuine and they’ll be quick to turn away if they feel your tugging at the heartstrings in a disingenuous manner. Try and keep you storytelling real and avoid hyperbole. Talk about the things that actually matter to your brand and people can’t help but engage.

Whilst avoiding overselling is key you should also remember not undersell yourself. Storytelling to promote your brand is advertising after all so remember to sell yourself, even if you do so subtly. This approach to brand growth is about making a connection through storytelling but it’s important to make sure you keep on message and use your storytelling to promote the brand and show yourself in a positive light.

Always keep an eye on the consistency of your message. Good storytelling should keep people coming back time and time again, that’s the point. If you’re style varies a lot then engagement will me hard to maintain. Try and keep consistent style whilst still pushing you message with every attempt and you’ll not only retain your audience but give your brand a positive boost at the same time.

Above all else though write from a positive stand point. If you love your brand and you want it to grow then that will come through in your writing. Remember that this is what you love and put that into your writing and the process will be fruitful and enjoyable.

How do you use social media for brand storytelling? Is it a big part of your overall marketing plan?

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