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Content MarketingTipsWebsites / 4 March 2016

Typing Laptop Successful marketing’s more than just a presentation of facts! Website content must sparkle like a gemstone, engage customers and reinforce brand.

But flowery writers beware! The best content’s actually very simple. The web’s a place for users to achieve goals and, faced with considerable choice, if you fail to capture your audience, a mouse click will direct them away to your competitors.

First Impressions

Your customers will quickly assess your site, deciding whether or not to stay. Attention-grabbing headlines matter but most users are content scanners for key words and phrases. Complicated writing and clever meanings are hard to understand, jargon’s mystifying but perhaps the biggest offender are boastful/clichéd claims rooted in your own opinions.

Don’t be fooled, however, into thinking your text should be so simple it’s boring. There’s a skill to making a simple message engaging and attention grabbing. For example:

“We buy and sell used cars” isn’t as engaging as “We’re wizards in the second hand car market” yet the messages are basically identical.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Keywords, titles and tags are attractive to search engines but there’s a skill using them. Keyword stuffing in your text is penalised by Google as duplicate content. Google likes articles of 300-700 words, with keywords making up about 1-2% of the text.

Simple Format

Begin with a brief overview that shows why your product or service is what your customers need, as opposed to just a simple description:

  • List a full product/service specification
  • Create a list of features
  • Translate each feature into a benefit

Consider the problems your customer will avoid by buying from you and address their potential objections.

Finally. always choose a simple, varied layout in straightforward language and use quotations, bulleted lists and subheadings.

Address Your Customer

The best way to sell is person-to-person so adopt a personal approach. Address your customer directly, using ‘you’ to make it feel like you’re giving valuable personal advice.

To Wrap It Up

Summarise your content then look back and make sure the reader can scan it. Your finished copy should help you sell your products and services, bathing your brand in a positive light and boosting your SEO rankings. Great content’s a skill but you’ll reap the rewards with better search engine rankings, conversion rates and sales!

Have you ever written web copy before? Please leave your comments below…

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