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Social MediaTips / 23 February 2015

Keyboard with blue Like buttonEven after years of having a fan page, it can be difficult finding ways to increase levels of Facebook engagement between you and your fans. As your reach declines, it can often feel impossible for you to engage with your fans and really promote your products and services. With these simple tips you not only will you be able to increase any dialogue with your customers but up your content game.

1. Ask Questions

Using your updates as an excuse to ask your fans questions are a great way to not only engage but do a sneaky bit of market research. Sparking dialogue with your customers (whether existing or potential) is one of the easiest ways to get people to respond to your posts with likes, shares and comments.
Engage with your followers personally, if your business has a specific niche write your posts so that they target the hobby or interest that your customers are most likely to connect with. Do they have any tips? What is their favourite experience? What are their feelings towards a certain item or service? Gathering this information will help you perfect your customer focus and ensure that your content remains relevant.

2. Use Visuals

thumb up, i like itIt’s a well-documented fact that social media users will respond to posts including images far more than those without. Grabbing your audience’s attention with eye-catching and interesting visual content will expand your reach as more people take the time to enjoy your business’ offerings. Users like to share content they find fun and interesting on their profiles, if you can find or produce something that your fans want to show their friends your overall reach will increase along with your engagement levels.

3. Try Facebook Ads

Most social media channels are rolling out their own advertising platforms nowadays; why not see what all the fuss is about? Facebook is the perfect site to start advertising as it’s possible that the majority of your client base have access to the social media site. With only a select number of people able to see your wall posts, try promoting them by using ‘page post story ads’ to gain greater reach.

4. Post Frequently

Whether you’re updating your followers with new promotions or asking them about their favourite way to spend a Sunday, frequent posting has shown to have a major effect on Facebook engagement. Pages that post once or twice a day tends to receive 40% higher fan engagement that those posting more than three times a day. Obviously this depends entirely on what it is that you’re sharing with your customers and how it is received.

To Wrap Up: Have Fun

If you really want to increase your Facebook engagement, start by having some fun with your posts. Ensure that your content is sharable and your users will flock to it. With Facebook automatically sharing items that you like, comment or share on your friends’ news feeds, your ability to reach a significantly bigger audience is huge.
Remember, like all content marketing and social media practices to target your audience with specific, relevant and interesting updates that will get your followers wanting to actively revisit your page.

Do you have any tips for increasing your Facebook engagement with fans? Please leave your comments below…

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