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NewsSocial Media / 11 November 2014

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Since the dawn of selfies and filtered images of fancy lunches, Instagram has been a great source for sharing images between friends. On Monday afternoon, after many requests from frustrated users, they finally enabled caption editing.
As the app previously didn’t allow users to tweak incorrect spelling and autocorrect errors, users were forced to either delete their posts and re-share them with corrected captions or post corrections in the comments.
Other social media sharing sites like Facebook and Pinterest have had this ability for quite some time but as the popularity of sharing photos and videos spiked, Instagram users were unable to correct typos. Twitter still doesn’t allow for edits of any posts.  
As Instagram have stated, ‘typos shouldn’t get in the way’ of sharing a moment on the site. As users update their apps, many will be editing captions and locations of previous posts.
Alongside the new caption editing, the multi-million user sharing site has announced a bundle of updates designed to help users explore and discover new accounts they may want to follow.  Small changes, like altering the ‘explore’ icon from a compass to a magnifying glass makes it easier to navigate the app, whilst the option of ‘photos’ or ‘people’ allows you to narrow down your search options and recommends new accounts trending amongst the main Instagram community.
These changes are only available on the mobile app, but as most users access it through their mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, this will make next to no difference to its existing user base.

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