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Social Media / 27 November 2013

This week, LinkedIn has introduced Showcase Pages, a feature which will enhance the content marketing opportunities on the channel and enable brands to reach more targeted audiences.
These pages differ from a company page in that they include a large banner image and a small section of information at the top but are primarily made up of two columns displaying updates (a layout that has taken a rather large leaf out of the Google+ book, if you ask us). Each Showcase page will represent a different product or service offered by a company. For example, Microsoft have created a Showcase page for their product, Microsoft Office – see it here.
canstockphoto8439522Users can follow these pages to get updates that are more specific to products and services that they care about – If you’re not interested in Microsoft but you love their Office software then the Showcase page is for you. In turn, brands can create and share content that is much more relevant to a specific product and targeted to that product’s audience, helping to improve engagement levels.
Yet, the introduction of these pages is not without an added benefit for LinkedIn. Showcase page posts can be sponsored to show in the news feeds of followers and companies can purchase ads to increase the follower count of a page. It seems that the feature is part of the network’s strategy to drive ad revenue. However, with new advertising opportunities comes the chance for companies to promote much more of their content and broaden their reach across LinkedIn.
We think Showcase pages help the network stand apart from others and that they will prove to be of great value for many companies. But do you think they could work well for your business? Drop us a comment with your thoughts – we’d love to hear from you.

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