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Content MarketingTips / 15 July 2014

Fantastic content is the best way to interest and engage your audience online. But are your efforts hitting the mark? Plain text alone is empty and easily overlooked but with visual content you can really boost your results across your website, blog and social media platforms. In this post, we look at 4 types of visual content you can incorporate into your campaigns.

make a visual impact with content

1.       Infographics

Over the past few years, infographics have taken the internet by storm and they still continue to do so. The number of infographics online increases by 1% everyday. This means your competitors are probably sharing them by the shed load, but are you?
These nifty boxes comprised of images and text, all within wonderful designs are eye-catching and shareable. They bring boring text and data to life, encouraging audiences to read information. You can use them for anything from sharing interesting facts to introducing your team members and collating impressive statistics about your business.

2.       Graphic Designs

With so much content being re-hashed and churned over across the web, a great way to stand out from your competitors is by making new. Rather than using images that already exist online, why not make your own?
Even if you’re just in need of an image to attach to a fun fact you’re posting on social media, push your creativity to design something fun and shareable. Who knows, your design could even go viral, getting you even more visibility across the web.
Plus, when you design original images you can put your stamp on them. This means the more they’re shared across the web, the more visibility you get for your brand.

3.       Slideshows

Slideshows are a fun way to share case studies, testimonials, interesting facts, statistics or information about your products and services. More dynamic than an image but a lot less expensive than a video, they fall in-between to provide an easy-to-watch and easy-to-share piece of visual content.
Slideshows can be shared with your audiences everywhere – on your website, blog, social media and in email. And as they often require audience interaction to click through the slides, they can really help to increase engagement with your brand.

4.       Animated Video

Video is still and probably always will be the most engaging, most viewed and most shared content online. And you needn’t break the bank to get a video made. A simple animated video consisting of just text and images can be just as effective for catching your audience’s attention and improving their interest in your brand.
Use video to advertise your products and services, to share something fun with your audience, to announce a contest and much more. Again, you can share video across your emails, social media, website and blog to reach your audiences everywhere. Video content is highly engaging and can help to dramatically improve your conversion rates.
Make a splash on the web with original, visual content that grabs the attention of your audience and keeps it.

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