Making the Most of Google+ for Your Business

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Content MarketingGoogleSocial MediaTips / 21 March 2015

With over 500 million users across the globe, Google+ has become the second largest social network working as a catalyst to connect your business with its target audience. While Facebook markets itself as a way to connect with friends, Twitter can be very B2B based and Youtube for fun viral promotional stunts, Google+ focuses on talking directly to your customers.
In this post we discuss the best ways to make the most out of your business’ account on Google+.

1. Keep Connected

One of the greatest things that you can do with any of your social media accounts is to promote them across separate platforms. Making a connection between your Google+ page and your website or blog will increase your traffic and help potential customers get to grips with your services or products. From a branding point of view it also keeps everything cohesive. Keeping this all connected can be as simple as adding a Google+ badge to your website or integrating G+ social share buttons so that other users can share your content across their own pages.

2. Actively Engage

Engagement is the most vital element of social media – don’t forget that! For that reason alone, you should treat Google+ similarly to each of your other social platforms. canstockphoto5157360Your content should be relevant, exciting and insightful. You should showcase your knowledge on your industry as well providing answers to any prospective questions people may have about it. Try sharing your content across relevant communities and getting a dialogue going with others in your field as well as your customers.

3. Embrace Hangouts

Google Hangouts are a great way to build an audience and it shouldn’t be ignored. Face-to-face communication is the best possible route to gaining a following while initiating a sale. Through video chat technology you can talk directly to your clients, they can ask you questions and you can discuss relevant subjects. It’s so much more than creating an online social presence, it’s ideal for creating a personalised experience for everyone involved.
Once you’ve nurtured your relationships with your connections on Google+, build a hangout and inviting other experts in your field to attend and share their knowledge. Hosting an ‘open hangout’ at a specific time on a specific date has been shown to work really effectively for businesses that trade worldwide. It’s just like opening the door to your office.

To Wrap Things Up…

Communication should always be the forefront of your social media marketing strategy when working with Google+. Have fun and be creative but don’t forget to rein everything in and keep all content that you share relevant to your field. That is why your users are drawn to you and that’s why they’re engaging.

How do you take advantage of Google+ for your business’ marketing? Please leave your comments below…

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