New Analytic Tools for Instagram Ad Campaigns

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NewsSocial Media / 10 September 2014

Instagram ad campaigns

Instagram has introduced new tools that enable advertisers to analyse the effectiveness of their campaigns.  Using the Account Insights tool users can view and track impressions, reach and engagement of their unpaid posts.

They can also analyse the follower base to determine audience demographics and the optimal times of the day and week to reach the most users. With all of these new functions, this tool could allow Instagram ad campaigns to be carried out far more effectively than ever before.
For paid posts the Ad Insights tool will do much of the above as well as allowing the marketer to view their campaign budget in real time and how many impressions have been reached. Previously these statistics were made available every few days but now you can expect up to the minute information on how your campaign is performing.
The Ad Staging tool means that marketers can preview the campaign before they’re submitted to Instagram for review. This means the aesthetic of the campaign can be tweaked in every way – photograph placement, captions and layout – and shared amongst the team to create fantastic visual content.
For the first time these tools are only accessible on a desktop browser. Many big marketers prefer desktop applications as opposed to the use of mobile devices, so this is sure to be a largely welcomed development.
How do you think this tool will effect your Instagram ad campaigns? Leave your comment below.

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