Facebook Business Manager Tool

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Social Media / 30 April 2014

On Monday, Facebook rolled out its new Business Manager platform, a tool that enables marketers to manage numerous aspects of their Facebook campaigns from one interface.
In a blog post, Facebook stated that the tool aims to simplify the marketing efforts for large agencies which manage masses of content on the network on a daily basis. Working as a central hub for content management, the interface provides easier and more controlled access to multiple accounts.
new business manager tool for marketers
Using the tool, marketers can manage all aspects of their Facebook pages, applications, ad accounts, payment methods, permissions and more. From the interface, users can also add or delete accounts and securely share campaign materials.
To give an example of the tool in use, a marketing manager could control which employees have access to client Facebook accounts. In this case, employees would only be permitted to view and control the content under their responsibility, helping agencies to provide a more private and secure service for their clients.
The tool also promotes a more separated work and personal life experience on the platform as users will no longer need to add colleagues as a ‘friend’ to access their linked pages.
The move is on form with Facebook’s efforts to increase their revenue from business marketing on the network and follows closely after the recent introduction of Facebook Video Ads.

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