New Gmail Tabs Changing Email Marketing

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News / 12 September 2013

As Gmail unveils a new tab feature on their inboxes, email marketers are left wondering how the change will affect their business. Some fear that if Gmail filters all marketing emails under a single Promotion tab, users will find them easier to ignore and delete in bulk.
Gmail appears to group together all emails with an unsubscribe link, including newsletters, blog updates and promotional offers. However, not all emails are filtered correctly, with some overlap between the Promotion, Updates, and Forums tabs.
To ensure that marketing emails are filtered correctly by Gmail and read by recipients, there are a few things marketers can consider before clicking send. Firstly, recipients can be asked to ‘star’ the emails and move them to the Primary tab. Gmail will remember this action, ensuring future emails will be seen. Using short and snappy subject lines and considering the time of day emails are most likely to be read can also optimise the campaign’s success.

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