New Internet Rules for China

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News / 21 September 2013
New rules are being brought into force in China regarding comments on the internet.The country’s state media is set to crack down hard on defamatory comments – but only if those comments have been seen by thousands of people, or reposted hundreds of times.
A three year prison sentence may be the punishment for comments disapproved by the government – if they have been seen by 5,000 people, or reposted over 500 times on social media.
Caijing deputy editor Luo Changping is one individual who has fallen foul of the Chinese government’s energy body, after being accused of slandering Liu Tienan, a former director of Caijing. Mr. Luo had publicly accused Mr. Liu of wrongdoing via his online posts.
The Guangzhou Daily and The Beijing News are two Chinese newspapers that have voiced concern about possible restrictions to free speech, which could deter individuals trying to expose wrongdoing.
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