Preparing for Paid Search Advertising

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PPC / 25 August 2013

As with any business campaign, paid search advertising only works as well as the effort that you are prepared to put into the planning. There are a few things that need to be considered before driving into the process.
Firstly, the trade that the advertising generates needs to be given a value. That is, a decision needs to be made about what a reasonable conversion would be. This could be a guaranteed sale or something less easy to define, such as lead generation. Either way, some basic analysis needs to be carried out about much value paid advertising can bring to the company. A targeted strategy can then be adopted, based on this analysis.
Yet, that is not everything. The business website must be set up correctly to receive trade from those leads. There is little point in taking people who have clicked on something specific to a generic page – the landing page is key.
Successful paid search advertising involves planning, testing and patience.

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