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News / 11 February 2014

Today marks Safer Internet Day: a global event that takes place each February to promote awareness of the dangers of online technology. Organised by the European support network, Insafe, the campaign aims to educate teachers, parents and children about the risks and to encourage the safer use of the internet. In the run up to the day, countries across the world have taken part in hundreds of events to support awareness of online safety issues.
The Safer Internet Day official video 2014:

How is the UK taking part in Safer Internet Day?

The UK’s Safer Internet Centre has worked with professional bodies, partners, schools and parents to provide educational tools and information about the dangers of what children can so easily see and interact with online. Teachers have been given packs including lesson plans and activity ideas to help them address the issues with children and to encourage children to help themselves and others stay safe.
Today, SID is streaming Safer Internet TV between 12 noon and 8pm with content aimed at professional bodies responsible for children, teachers, parents and young people.  Schools have been encouraged to view some of the content which will aim to better understanding of the dangers and provide inspiration for more positive online use.

What’s in the News?

Each year, to accompany the approach of Safer Internet Day, research is undertaken by a number of different bodies to help improve our awareness of the dangers. Just some of the newly released and shocking figures include:

  • 1 in 4 children aged between 6 and 12 share personal information with strangers online
  • Less than 50% of parents are using parental controls to block unsuitable online content
  • A quarter of parents believe their children have been put at risk online

The day has also received support from more than 500 organisations which include Facebook, Microsoft, the BBC, Tesco and Disney Club Penguin.
Even PM David Cameron has given his backing to the campaigns:
“As a father of young children, I know how much parents worry about what their kids can see online. Under this Government, we have seen progress, with the introduction of family friendly filters and Google and Microsoft clamping down on child abuse images online. There is nothing more important than protecting our children; Government, industry, charity and parents all have a part to play.”
This year’s SID theme is about recognising the important part we can all play in creating a safer internet experience for everyone. Find out how you can get involved at:

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