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Shoppers who use mobile in-store spend more

A Google infographic has revealed that shoppers who use their mobile phone in stores tend to spend more money than those who don’t.

The infographic shows that 79% of smartphone owners are also smartphone shoppers, and that 84% use their phone as an aid to their in-store shopping. A massive 82% also use search engines as their main resource when shopping in stores.

The figures, when broken down into categories, saw appliances have the highest percentage – an incredible 97% – and apparel the lowest – 80%. Grocery, at 89%, was the second highest figure, baby care and electronics were the joint third highest, at 87%, followed by household care on 86% and health and beauty on 81%.

Google’s research revealed that the amount of money spent was considerably different between smartphone shoppers who used their smartphones habitually to shop, as opposed to those who did so less frequently.