Should You Use LinkedIn for Recruitment?

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AdvertisingSocial MediaTips / 14 March 2016

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Should modern, forward-thinking businesses consider using the professional and social network LinkedIn for recruiting? A number of business experts have recently voiced their views that it is no longer sufficient to post new vacancies only on conventional jobs boards. Although good old-fashioned recruitment advertisements continue to be effective, largely, the world of job recruitment is steadily changing and becoming more specialised.

New trends include moves towards algorithms that target specific profiles and individual skill sets, coupled with the power of social networks and the increased use of mobile devices. LinkedIn is powerful not only for attracting ideal customers but also new job applicants. It also provides a straightforward means to highlight your company or business online; LinkedIn Recruiter is particularly well suited for larger companies that find themselves who always keeping an eye open for new employees with top talent. Recruiter gives unlimited access to complete individual profiles, with advanced searches by various candidate criteria. Notably, some of this powerful functionality is limited in the free service.

Many businesses have reported success using LinkedIn for recruitment, especially for establishing contact with professionals who might otherwise not be easy to find through conventional means. Fifty InMails are allowed per month/subscriber; these messages typically have high response rates. In addition, up to fifty search alerts can be programmed to scan for candidates and report back, daily. The site automatically analyses advertised jobs and pushes them towards the most appropriate candidates. This is useful for reaching candidates who may not be actively looking for a new post, yet may be receptive such an idea (were it presented to them).

A clever Jobs Network widget means members may notice you first. Company pages allow users to follow you; this can be enhanced with the silver or gold level services. The ‘Work with us’ feature also allows customisation of a company’s own page so that visitors to it are not distracted by unwanted advertisements from business competitors in the sidebar. Instead, companies can arrange for their own ads to be placed directly on their LinkedIn business pages.

Finally, when these possible applicants are on their way to becoming interview candidates, LinkedIn career pages also offer help with a program called JobSlot, which really streamlines the entire job posting and applicant handling process. Managers who are responsible for recruitment may wish to consider upgrading to a premium membership.

Would you ever consider using LinkedIn for recruitment? Please leave your comments below…

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